Monday, December 18, 2006



Today, went to antenatal checkup (ANC). Initially I went alone because my husband's oncall today at ONG's Operation Theatre. While waiting for my turn at the clinic, my husband called and said that he did not have any case yet. So, Alhamdulillah, my turn was not long after that. So, I called him and told that my turn will be the next patient. So, he came along. Happened that we both saw the same doctor that we have seen last ANC...

Nothing much... Just that today, I get to see my baby sleeping like the last time... But has grown so much bigger... My weight just increased by 0.5kg. hehe. Our little caliph was lying breech and my placenta is low lying... Please make doa, both baby and placenta will turn upside down... Ameen...

Oklah... Here's my USG picture...

Our Little Caliph
"I'm 14 weeks old Makcik2 & Pakcik2!!!"
Yesterday, we went to 2 WALIMAHS. One was at Machang. The other was at Pasir Hor.

Dr. Nasri & Dr. Nida
Nasri is my husband's best friend. Nida is my twin's cyber friend... hehe.

Dr. Adham & Dr. Wan
Adham was my husband's friend at HUKM. Adham was also my matrix matea at Kolej MARA Seremban.

To both couples, Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semuga Berbahagia selalu... :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Tuesday, December 12, 2006



Alhamdulillah, hari ni ada peluang nak tulis blog. Semalam dah jalan2 blog. Post night shift. Alhamdulillah kes2 boleh handle dan tak berapa ramai... Malam ni tak tahu lagi, yet to be discovered! Syukur juga tak pening sangat... Baru je tido 1 jam siang ni... Jap lagi sambung tido balik lah selepas Zuhur... (tak tido sebab nak tengok tv punyer pasal, hehe)

Nak citer nye,
2 days ago, my father in law was getting sick at home. I didn't go to work that day coz it was off day for me. Since my youngest sister in law wanted to go to tuition for her next year SPM, so, I told her not to worry. After she goes, I'll be going to my in laws house... So, I arrived there around 1pm. My elder sister in law was already there and she said that our father in law also called "Wey" (stands for Wan) did not wake up after the small breakfast that he had that morning... He also did not urinate at all...

My assumption that time he was dehydrated. I checked his glucometer, it was normal. Then I checked his vital signs, it was OK. But when I asked him many questions, he refused to answer... What's wrong with Wey??? We tried to make him drink but he's too lethargic... My elder sister asked me to have my lunch first. I told my husband at work regarding the matter, and he said that he was having some bad feeling earlier...

Suddenly, while I was almost finishing my lunch, my elder sister said that,
"Wey suruh baca Yassin."
She was already in tears and calling all sedara mara to come and read Yassin... So, I took wudhu' and read the Yassin in front of him. Suddenly I was holding back my tears... To see him so restless and not talking, it's just not him... I was getting scared. People kept on coming. I managed to read twice complete Yassin and then, I received a sms,
"Amik abg sekarang." The room was quite packed with people, but I managed to go out and pick up my husband and also my sister in law from her tuition.

At the same time, I sms many people... Especially my in laws... Some were in KL. So, they told they can't come back on the same day... I told them to wait for my husband to see Wey first and then we let them know whether it's urgent for them to come back home...

When we reached home, there were so many people inside the room and the house. Some were leaving the house... Is it a sign that Wey is ok?
When we went inside the room, there was an IV drip bottle hanging. There was a kmapung doctor came and inserted the IV line and gave Wey the IV drip. My initial diagnosis was correct... Wey was dehydrated... After about 1/2 bottle finished, Wey looks more responsive. However, my husband looked at the IV line (where the jarum is), it was just a butterfly (small jarum). So, my husband siad that we better go to the hospital and get proper IV drip set. After Solat Asar, we went to A&E. Alhamdulillah, there were so many staffnurses and MAs that I know of and I requested for the IV drip set. Alhamdulillah, Allah made it easy for us to take it...

My husband suddenly popped out saying that
"Dulu, kawan abg bagi parentroVit kat patient." Then, I told him that,
"Memang dekat A&E, kalau tengok orang2 tua, nampak tak bermaya, cek jantung, yang lain2 semua normal, bagi je injection Vitamin BCo." So, my husband said why don't we take the Vitamin also and give to Wey? I said there's no problem because it's just a vitamin. (Staffnurse citer, patient yang tua kadang bagi Vit BCo, terus nak balik selalu nak makan nasi kat rumah. hehe)

Anyways, we reached home around 6:30pm. My husband inserted the IV branula (the proper jarum) and continued to him the fluids. We gave Wey 2 bottles of fluids and then we off it. After Maghrib, my husband made Wey sat, and Wey straight away wanted to eat rice... ;) Alhamdulillah...

Most of Wey's children are at home currently. Some of us who stays nearby, we stay at our house and let Wey's other children to stay at Wey's house. Wey's still cannot stand and walk... All his muscles are rigid... InsyaAllah we are bringing him to the Specialist Clinic tomorrow morning....

When I was the only one reading Yassin in front of Wey,
My heart was crying inside
I was so scared
Scared of loosing another of my beloved family members...

It reminded me of loosing my 2 beloved family
Loosing Nenek just before my Engagement
And loosing Tok Ayah just before my Wedding...
It was painful for me and Mak to face the fate
Since both events were supposed to be my happiest days
But both of us kept on saying,
"If Nenek was still alive..." "If Tok Ayah was still alive.."

I wish,
I also do'a,
And I pray...
Please Allah...
Please make all my beloved family members...
Will be there to be able to see my first baby...
It will be another happiest day in my life...
And I wish to share it with all of them at the same time...
Ameen Ya Allah...

Allah loves Nenek and Tok Ayah more than I do...
And that's why He took them away earlier...
Before they get to see me in my wedding dress
And before they get to know their new grandson in law
May Allah make them in peace always

Thursday, December 07, 2006



Alhamdulillah after my 2 night shifts, I got 4 days holidays. Both of us went back to KL last Friday in the morning. It was quite a journey since it had been a long time since I rode on the bus. Since the night was sleepless, so, both of us slept in the bus... However after the first bus stop, we had our lunch and pray Zuhr-Asr, I was having severe headache, nausea and feeling like vomiting... Some more, my bladder was very full... When we reached KL, it was JAM at the Bulatan Pahang... SubhanaLlah, masa tu Allah je yang tau betapa sakitnya kepala dan perut... I lost my watch also in the bus.. Sedihnya!!! It was the watch who had been with me since I was in matrix. Mak gave me hers because she got a new watch for herself during that time... Sedih betul!!! Alhamdulillah, masa wedding hari tu ada orang bagi watch, POLO... hehe

Alhamdulillah, Mak, Makcik, Ajin were all well. Sihat2 semuanya... Our twin nephews also were waiting for us at home... Abang and Adik dah besar! 2 different characters... and 2 different sizes. hehe. Abang is so charming. Adik is so pampered... Both of them really made us all laugh... Tak puas nak main dengan depa dua... Everybody kept on asking if their coming soon cousin will be a boy or a girl or twins??? hehe. No twins lah hopefully... Mana ummi nak jaga, anak2 ummi dengan abahnye lagi... Oncalls lagi??? Wuishhh... Superwoman, soon to be discovered.... :)

2 Disemeber 2006, cukuplah setahun Nenek pergi meninggalkan kami dan menemui Yang Maha Esa. Kami pergi melawat kubur arwah Nenek. Batu nisan belum lagi siap. Menantu Mak baca Yassin and then, we went back home. Before going to the Kubur, we went to PC fair at KLCC and then Kamal Bookstore. My brother yang beli byk barang. My husband, beli seguni buku kat Kamal Bookstore... (Bila nak study tu Abang? hehe)

Alhamdulillah, went to visit Atok at his house pagi Ahad... We had Nasi Lemak Makcik at Atok's house. Makcik's nasi lemak memang sedap tahap gaban!!! Memang dah jadi menu wajib kat rumah Mak untuk hari Ahad. :) My sedara were also there. So there were so much food at rumak Atok. We had a very heavy brunch. I was not feeling so well, my tummy growling... Makan banyak sangat and tak nak pergi buang... :( Mak, Makcik and Abang went out and cut the bushes, threw away all the died trees, died leaves... Kemas taman bunga arwah Nenek... I help a bit lah...

There was a beautiful black butterfly flying around us while we trimmed the trees... Mak said, probably I'm going to get a baby girl... :) It also could be, arwah Nenek is around and she's happy that her daughter and grandchildren helping to clean up the taman... WALLAHUA'LAM... :)

I received a call from my twin... hehe. My twin scolded me for not telling why I didn't let her know earlier that I was coming back to KL. Well, I thought I already told her/or in the blog earlier last month. hehe. Anyways, she was telling me that it's hectic to be working at A&E Hospital Selayang... Hmm, I really didn't know how to give her comment. I'm glad, bersyukur that I'm working at A&E HRPZII, KB. Comparatively, I should be grateful that I'm working at A&E in HRPZII, KB... We'll just have to wait for her stories in her blog soon... kan Maya? hehe

Ok la... That's all for now... Tata