Monday, March 11, 2013



Alhamdulillah, it had been almost 9 months since I started doing my part time business at SisApple Delight selling desserts under Missapple Enterprise company. The main dessert that I'm taking order is pavlova. I wrote about pavlova sometime ago. But, I was not able to continue sharing about it until today...

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Well, doing a part time business, I've seen the ups and downs, but for each month, I can see the money coming from the regular customers. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to my mother for initiating the idea by giving us to the chance to taste pavlova. Thanks to my husband for supporting me and motivated to start the business. A special thanks to my mentor, DB, the tauke apam & tauke Nutty Crunchy for making this business into reality. :)

There are a lot to share about business tips but maybe I'll share it in my SisApple Delight blog... :)

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Habib is SisApple Delight's favourite model. See how yummy and delicious his 3 layered pavlova is? hehehe

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


It's so sad thinking about what's happening to my dearest ones when they don't want to change themselves for the better. I wish I am someone that can influence people easily to get them do something to achieve their own success in this life on earth and the Hereafter. It's never for me. It's for their own good. Let's pray. The only thing I can least do for them.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Oh My! Looking at the last post?? SEPTEMBER 2012??
How I have neglected my dearest blog…
So, I guess, this post will be the first blog-post of this year 2013.
Thank you to my husband for urging me to continue writing my personal blog.

Hmmm, there’s so much to write in my personal blog actually…
But I think, I need to write one story at a time in each post, la kan?

I bloghopped before I start my blog-writing, just to read on other updates. And reading my dear childhood-neighbour-friend on her loss made me want to share about my loss as well.

On January 5th, 2013, I was there lying down next to an ultrasound scan in the labour room of the Hospital Putrajaya, waiting for the O&G specialist to come down to scan me. I had fresh bleed earlier that day after 20 days of prolonged spotting little amount of menstrual bleed. Mak was there to accompany me while my husband was in the car waiting with my 2 sleeping boys.

When the specialist came, she asked my history and started to examine. She started with abdominal examination and I couldn’t point the tenderest area over my abdomen. Then, she did per-speculum examination and she said it could be infection. After that, she proceeded with abdominal ultrasound and she said my uterus was collapsed, meaning there’s no baby inside my womb to tell that I’m aborting.  When she scan using the vaginal probe, I saw what she saw...


There it was…a heartbeat. The baby was outside my womb. It was inside my left Fallopian tube. But, my left tube was perforated and the vaginal bleed was due to the: Perforated Ectopic Pregnancy of the Left Fallopian Tube. Thus, I was planned for the Emergency Laparoscopic Left Salphingectomy KIV Laparotomy that night. But, it was delayed to the next morning due to other emergencies that night.

The operation went smoothly but the post-op pain was undescribable. But, I was discharged home on the January 8th, 2013.

That moment Kak Aishah, when I saw there was a heartbeat, it would always make me back in tears whenever I remember it. I had been waiting for my third baby… I miss to be pregnant again and to cuddle a baby, wishing for a girl… :) But, Allah Knows Best to Give the Best In the Best Time. InsyaAllah.