Thursday, November 27, 2014



I've been procastinating on a lot of things lately, not because I was lazy (I think), but I had so many things to do for the past few days since my mock research proposal presentation last week. Syukur, Alhamdulillah. It went well.

The comments from my supervisor and co-supervisor were:
- I had monotonous voice
- I had less confidence when I present something that I don't really know
- I need to read more for better understanding
In summary,  I need to polish my skills for the presentation!!!!

But, I am sssoooooooo glad that I didn't have to do many changes for the slide presentation. So, I would like to share here so that I will remember forever, "What are the tips for a good slides of research proposal presentation?

1. A "Table of Contents"
Usually in the thesis, there is a page with this title of "Table of Contents". There is no need for this page in the research proposal presentation. But, you still have to list them out. This is because, the headings and the subheading of the Table of Content will become the title for the slides. 

Basically, the list will look like this:
1. Introduction
2. Literature review
3. Problem statement
4. General objective
5. Specific objectives
6. Methodology
7. Dummy tables
8. Expected outcome
9. Gantt chart
10. References


The slides will be clear to us and also to the audience. It is more organized this way.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words 
Almost 70-80% of my slide presentation content were illustrated by figures, photos, tables and charts. Based on my experience while doing Master degree, I realized that the audience came from many different backgrounds. Thus, research proposal should be scientific but at the same time understandable to the audience. 

Note: If we don't want the audience to ask so many questions, then, we should explain everything but keep it simple so that it shows:
i. We know what we are talking about
ii. We look confident enough about our study
iii. We are sure what we are going to do

So, let's put colours and pictures in the slide presentation. :)

Source: Science BS | the slitty eye

3. Dummy tables
During our research methodology course recently, the spekers told us to have Dummy Tables in the research proposal so that, we really know what are the datas that we should collect in our study. From my understanding, a dummy table is an empty table of the results but it is the table as if you want to put in the thesis later on. I think it is good to have these dummy tables. It showed not only what data to be collected but also, the statistical tests we will be using to analyse our data too.

Source: wikipedia. 

I think, that's all for now.
Hope I'll remember always the tips that I have shared here. Arasso...

Sunday, November 16, 2014



It had been pouring since Friday. The weather is very cold. The monsoon season has arrived.

I am in the middle of preparing my slides for my research proposal presentation. The dateline is this Wednesday. My SV asked all her supervisee to present to her and in front of small audience in 3 days time. I had been working since last Tuesday but the momentum just gets better when the dateline is near. haha.

Yesterday, I think it was the day that I worked really hard for the presentation. I've prepared the problem statement, the methodology, the dummy tables and the expected outcome. So, now I'm left with the LITERATURE REVIEW. Yup. Save the best at the last. haha. So, yesterday, I had to work hard because I have the facts in my head but my facts are not strong enough. When my husband asked questions about my research, I could answer him. But, without references, it sounded like "kelentong". haha. So, the hardest part has come and that is searching for the references.

I am actually still in the honeymoon state. I am still easy-going with my PhD. Thanks to the wake up call by my SV. Hopefully with having many datelines, it will motivate me to do work diligently, persistently, hardworkingly, smartly with preseverence and everythingelse that I am supposed to do to graduate on time (GOT) insyaAllah.

Bashirah, my partner in crime for PhD,  shared with me a FB post last night. She said it made her cry. I was focusing with my slide preparation, so, I kept it for reading this morning. You can read it at the My husband commented that a lot of things can happen while doing PhD. And I shouldn't be so stress. The depression, anxiety, panic attack, it could happen to any PhD students or even the undergraduate students. So, he asked me to take it easy while preparing the slide presentation. Just do it. The most important thing for this PhD is just to pass. Not to get a medal. Not to get number one. Just pass. InsyaAllah. Thanks Mr Hubby for understanding...

I wish my Sister Putri all the best in her future. She has inspired me and taught me that Allah is always there for us. The most importantly, life doesn't end in this world, but we have a lifetime to spend in the Akhirat that we should look after.

Good tips shared by the blog from Sister Putri and her husband:

I am preparing some slides to be shared with the postgraduate students here as part of the motivation to deal with PhD works. However, though the steps are followed, it is still not a guarantee to get a PhD but Insha Allah you’ll appreciate this journey and be grateful to ALLAH. These are some tips:
1. Develop passion, relate the studies to Allah’s knowledge
2. Effective Communication (Writing Skills, Communication Skills, Persuasive Skills, Presentation Skills)
3. Humility and Humbleness win the heart!
4. Organise, organise and organise -> self-discipline
5. Dhuha and Tahajjud prayers keep the momentum of the day
6. Fulfil the rights to the spouse, kids, family members and other people. PhD is a family affair!
7. Perseverance (Al-Baqarah: 286). Keep moving on and persistence!
8. Treat yourselves before moving on. Give a pat on your back -> Take pride of your work
9. If something went wrong, quickly ask forgiveness from Allah and always do ‘muhasabah’.
10. Accept for the fact that no matter how hard you try, if Allah didn’t want you to have it, Allah already made you ready to face the fact that you’ll not get it, but praise Him for the experiences that you encountered throughout the journey. Insha Allah, Allah already destined you for something greater.

patience, perseverance and play

Please make doa for me for this Wednesday! ;)

p/s: What's with the title? To stay awake and highly energetic, I drank a mug full with a packet of white coffee last night and my heart beat was tachycardic. Felt like dancing Zumba late last night. But, I drank lots of water and Alhamdulillah it subsided. hehe. Adios amigos.


Saturday, November 15, 2014



Before I end the day, I read through Dato' Roslan Ab Hamid facebook. I wish to have the same resolution. InsyaAllah. Let's work towards it by starting by NIAT for the sake of Allah. InsyaAllah. 

It's 1:20am. U-oh. Good night. 

Friday, November 14, 2014



It had been a hectic week with so many postgraduate issues in the university. Plus, I have so many datelines to be met if I want to GOT (graduate on time). Erkk. I hope. 

But, Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving me "useful places" to deviate for a while, from focusing the problems. It made me happy and I had to use my mind to be more creative and to have some fun once in a while. 

Inspired by Pinterest, I found a very practical way of organizing the kids toys. In addition, it is also a very good lesson for me to teach the kids how to keep their toys back into their places after they have played. You can find the inspirational photo here at this link:

I spent RM32 for the yellow boxes which I bought from the Giant supermarket. The kids had so much fun segregating the toys last week and tonight they were choosing images and couldn't make up their mind when I asked which cartoon should I put for the stickers. Hehe. 

I hope to do more of these organizing things and spend a really good and fun time with the kids. It is time that they learn how to be responsible grown up men soon. Uh... What am I thinking? A man when they are only 7 and 5? Well, you can tell that I am a bit "mental" with my PhD. Haha. 

Anyway, hope you are inspired by my Organized kids toys tooo... 

3rd month PhD....

p/s: hmm, after seeing this photo, I think I need to touch up a little. I should put stickers on the cupboard doors too, right? :)

Saturday, November 08, 2014


I wish to blog like this blog. Full of pictures and full of meanings. Let's have a look.. :)



Since yesterday, my life has been upside down. After receiving a very shocking email from the PG office, I had tachycardia plus sweating! haha. Well, the issue is still ongoing and I believe the shock made a movement for us to have our first meeting with all the PG students in the department. Alhamdulillah. Things does turn out to have good reasons behind them.

This whole hanky panky thing really reminds me of the old memories while doing my Master. The same history repeats itself. huhu. Alhamdulillah, I'm glad that I've gone through the process and I hope it will improve this time insyaAllah.

Anyway, I'm already in my 3rd month PhD. I am counting the days just like counting the days during my pregnancy. In my opinion, PhD is like a time bomb. Everyday, the time keeps on ticking away and if I don't plan my time properly, the time will just slip away and nothing will progress. So far, Alhamdullillah, I've been doing labworks. There are more labworks to do. But, thank you to my very helpful understanding SV for guiding and supervising me perfectly. So, during my night prayer, I must pray that she will live long life, be happy and filled with Allah's barakah and rahmah fidunia wal akhirat. Amiiin.

Latest news, Bibik is not coming back. Yeah. Whatever the reason is, I am glad that she is in her country and not running away just like she did before. So, cooking, cleaning and the rest of the housechores are the added "fetal kicks" for my PhD pregnancy. Haha. I am stil cooking the same food somehow. Yet still to cook new recipesssss....

Aha, talking about new recipe. I did this recipe three times already. Habib loves this so much. He can really eat this Mac and Cheese many-many times. :) So, I must share the recipe here so that  I can refer back easily whenever I want to cook it. And Habib can also refer here whenever he wants it later when he is a grown up man and missing his Umi's Mac and Cheese. haha

The recipe is:

Makaroni Bakar Extra Cheese
Sumber 1 : DayangJack@DapurKu SaYang
Sumber 2: Dapur Mamasya
Sumber 3: Kak Nita

Bahan-bahan : untuk 4-5 orang makan

2 cawan makaroni + 1 cawan pasta spirals (direbus ala dente* dan toskan)- guna 3 cwn makaroni
150 g minced beef/chicken/seafood
2 ulas bawang putih (dicincang)
1 labu bawang besar (dihiris dadu kecil)
1 tin kecil puri tomato atau 1 botol kecil sos spagetti - kak nita guna Kimball
sedikit sos cili
sedikit sos tomato
sedikit garam
sedikit kiub ayam -kak nita tambah
1 sudu besar mentega
sedikit mixed vegetables (akak tambah)

Sos Putih :
2 cawan susu segar
1 sudu besar mentega
sedikit lada sulah
2 sudu besar tepung gandum (dibancuh dengan sedikit air)
1 slice cheesedale atau 30 g krim keju
sedikit garam dan gula

lain-lain : keju parut dan oregano
mozarella cheese (kak nita tambah)

The reference is:

InsyaAllah this Sunday I will bake one. I'll try to snap some pictures and add in for my next blogpost insyaAllah. 

Till then, Annyeong Haseyo