Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Ya Allah
Please make my manuscript at its best look and condition. 
Let the manuscript accepted at the journal we chose.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016


I will keep on cleaning, rearranging my workplace whenever I don't have any mood to study. It's a habit. Its purpose is to boost my will. My will to study, write, read, write. An article and a thesis are the minimum requirements for me to pass my PhD. I'm already in my final year!! The "honeymoon" state must stop now. It's time for me to struggle, with tears and sweat, with hardwork and discipline because there is not enough time if I procrastinate. I can't delay my submissions anymore. I can't delay my writings!!! Chaiyoook!!!

I'm setting up my targets on the planner. I have put up my planner until April 2016. I wanted to have a planner until next year September but there's not enough space. Hehe. 

Anyway, Alhamdulillah, I managed to rearrange my desk. It becomes more spacious and my husband noticed it. Yup! That's what I need. SPACE. Since then, I had been working on my manuscript and 3 Morning Pages. Haha. Found links about the 2 Morning Pages. I loved the idea. So, I will write either before I start working or later whenever I remembered. It's too personal to write in the blog. Haha. 

The reason I'm writing tonight is because, my laptop suddenly turned BLUE SCREEN! Oh no! That's it!! The end of my Dell... huhu. I hope I save everything. I hope I can retrieved all the data, the references, the everything la! I just cannot imagine if I loose them all. Na'uzubillah. Thanks to Google Drive and Dropbox. I saved them there. Bismillah... Need to buy a laptop tomorrow.. 

Pray hard and harder...
Achieving most of my dreams on my dreamboard. Left with 5AMCLUB! Let's wake up and pray to Allah... He is the One that will give me what I need. He is the One who will be there during my tough times and my good times. He is the One that will grant my wishes. Ask, pray, doa.. He is listening... always..