Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It had been quite a while since I updated my blog. Bibik was away for 1 month and Alhamdulillah, she's back! So no more excuses for me to follow my Gantt Chart! hehe

I didn't have any mood to study until recently when Bibik came back. My study drive was very slow since spending time with the 2 kids at home was very enjoyable and time consuming! Anyways, I gave myself a long break with on and off going to the lab to continue the respected experiment as scheduled before. But insyaAllah, I'm back on to drive on gear 2 now...

Quoting Prof Tahir..."Failing to plan is planning to fail." His lecture was on 7 Creative Habits and they are
1. Writing and journaling
2. Work on fresh inputs
3. Record
4. Learn new techniques
5. Learn how to relax
6. Association thinking
7. Adopting a genius...

Hmm... Creative Habits Number 1 and 3 were also discussed in the article that I came across yesterday by Marie desJardins on How to succeed in Graduate School.

Sharing with all of you, as a summary...
and for my daily grind....and PLANNING NOT TO FAIL!!!

1. Have a journal/diary (pink color booklet!! haha)
2. Keep track of research activities and ideas (already filled in 14 pages!!! oooo)
  • write speculations
  • interesting problems
  • possible solutions
  • random ideas
  • references to look up, (fulltext needed)
  • notes on papers you have reas
  • outline of papers to write
  • interesting quotes
  • (articles to be printed)
  • (daily, weekly and monthly goals)
3. Read the journal periodically
4. Organize activities
5. Daily Goals! Weekly Goals! Monthly Goals! (daily and weekly goals set up, but monthly...)
6. Divide and conquer strategy (i finished reading and going through a lot of things today!!!)
  • "Take it one day at a time"
  • "Every task you complete gets you closer to finishing"
Alhamdulillah... Plans all set up...
Guess I'm geared up to enter gear 3 insyaAllah... ;)

That's all for now!