Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Alhamdulillah, last week I had research methodology course for academic training at IIUM Gombak, It was really good in the sense of boosting up my motivation to write the thesis. One of the lectures mentioned to write in a journal or a blog. So, I am back to writing in the blog to record this last 1 and half years of my PhD Journey.. 

Since 1 month ago, to my surprise on my 36th birthday, I have started on exercising. Getting my body to work out, trying to achieve fit and healthy body. The main reason that I am doing the exercise is to release stress. I think I was not as stress as I am now. Meeting the deadlines for my progress report, repeating the labworks that I had done faults in my previous experiment, assisting MyLab grant, helping the kids to  do their homeworks.. And the list will just go on. So, before the stress gets over me, I am fighting the stress by doing squat, jumping jacks, be it cardio exercise or weight training. There's also a second aim actually... That is, I want to wear baju kurung that I bought at RM50! Hopefully I'll get the shape that I want and fit the baju kurung beautifully! Hewhew. 

Exercise makes me feel satisfied. Thanks to this Polar watch, a gift from my husband. Alhamdulillah. It gives me the feeling of satisfaction when I sweat a lot. It shows the data like heart rate and the calories burned. I like it, eventhough, wearing the belt around the chest (to detect the heart rate on the watch) is a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps, I'll ask my husband to buy a new Garmin watch for my next year birthday. Hehe

I also feel happy doing the exercise because I am doing it myself and for myself. Penat toksah kata, but, the result, insyaAllah we'll see this year's Raya! Yey! Dapat pakai baju raya.. 😂

Will continue writing insyaAllah. Not only Switch Stress to Sweat but, Forget Stress with Writing.. 😉