Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Tiada usaha yang sia-sia
Tiada doa yang tidak Allah kabulkan
There is happy ending, if it doesn't end with happiness, then it is not the end. 

"Bahagia yang sedikit akan bertambah apabila dikongsi. Bahagia yang dikongsi tidak akan berkurang malah akan bertambah.  

Percayalah... menyalakan lilin orang lain tidak akan mengurang cahaya lilin mu tetapi kita akan mendapat lebih banyak cahaya!" -Pahrol Mohd Juoi-

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Can't hold on my tears anymore. 
Just have to let it go, trickling down my face all over.. Sob sob.. 

My husband said to me when I broke the news that the UPT was positive, he said that I got pregnant because I gave food and being nice to the Kamikaze cat behind our house. We also brought him to the clinic to treat his illness.

But, I guess, I was not good enough, be it to the cat, to my husband, to my children, to my mother in law and sister in laws who are staying with us. I have a lot of sins and just that reason, makes me nobody who deserve to have whatever wishes and du'a I have made... 

Ya Rabb! Please give me SABR. 
Please forgive me all my sins.
Please accept my solat, my ibadah. 
Please let me pass my PhD, the only thing, the only du'a that I wish you to grant me, 
Because I don't think I can bare any of Your big tests anymore...
Sob sob sob sob..

Make me a strong person Ya Allah..
Help me to be patient Ya Allah..
Please Ya Allah.. Ya Rahmaan Ya Raheem.. 
Sob sob.. Sob sob.. 

SSI - smile senyum ibtisam

It's been 2 weeks and I am still not fully recovered from the pain at the scar. I realise it during and after I cooked fried macaroni this morning. I thought that I am fully healed because, based on my experience, the laparoscopic operation pain lasted for 2 weeks and I was fully recovered. But, this time round, the recovery process is taking longer than I thought. 

I googled for the post laparotomy advices  and precautiouns. I find that this link gives a very good guideline for me. InsyaAllah, I am now more prepared to make myself "pantang" for 6 weeks to be back to normal again. 

In the meantime, I aim to finish all the lessons for Typing Tutor as I failed to finish it before. I hope to be able to type with 10 fingers on my laptop when I write my thesis later. Here's a tip from my husband that I must repeat typing the same lesson for 40 times and only then to move to the next lesson. That's the only way to really master the alphabets. Well, he mastered it in 1 month time. I hope to master it in 2 weeks time. May Allah grant my du'a. 

Stop complaining. Stop whining. Stop commenting. I don't like to listen to it. So, I must also stop it while talking to others. Sometimes, when I complaint to certain people, they just ignored. So, that's why I decided to be back blogging because here's the only place that I can record my complaints and nobody will complain about it. Right? Haha. (Am I becoming cuckoo erkkk??)

It's Jumu'ah! Yeay!!!!! 


I am so thankful to Allah for having these two little caliphs that had been cherishing my life for the past almost 9 years. Alhamdulillah, being at home makes me spend more time with Abang Huzaifah and Baby Habib. 

Since Huzaifah is having his final exam for standard 2, Umi is doing daily revision with Huzaifah. It is requested by Huzaifah. Umi is hoping and praying that Huzaifah will get number 1 in class. Amiiin. 

Habib is going to dance for his convocation. Need  to persuade him to go to school every morning. Huhu. Alhamdulillah, his Furqaan reading is getting better, now he's reading number 3. Umi aims for Habib to finish number 4 and 5 (if there's any) by end of next month. And hopefully by end of this year Habib will start reciting from the Quran. Ok Baby Habib?? ;) 

As for Huzaifah, let's aim to finish memorising juz'Amma ye? InsyaAllah, we can do it, ok Huzaifah? 

I love you both so much! *muahs*

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The sad feeling of loosing the baby... will just comes back. 
No specific time.
No specific reason.
No specific day. 
It's uncontrollable. 
But I can still control the teary of eyes and feeling sad for too long. 

If only you, my baby, get to be delivered next year 2016...
I would be able to carry you..
I would be able to kiss and hug you..
I would be able to smell you..
I would be able to breastfeed you..
I would be able to ask Huzaifah and Habib to take care of their baby sister or brother,
I would be able to take pictures with you..
I would be able to cherish the moments with you along with your Ayah, Abang Huzaifah, Abang Habib and the rest or Pasir Pekan's family and Rahim's Bunch family. 

I miss you my dear little baby. 
I wish you are still in my tummy. You would be 8 weeks by tomorrow and I would be able to see your little heart beat by ultrasound. 

I will keep praying and make a lot of dua's for me to be strong and stronger day by day to overcome this sad feeling. 

P/s: Having pain and looking at the scar are reminding of the painful memories of losing you, my little one. You were just 5 weeks old and I had to undergo a laporotomy that left me a big scar which looks like a caesar. Huhu. Please pray for Ummi yeah? Love you baby.. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015



The last post in this blog marked the day I saw the 2 red lines on the urine pregnancy test. Allahuakbar! The happiness was indescribable. 

To recall some of the conversations that I had with my husband..
"Kita nak namakan anak kita apa?"
"Nak beranak kat mana? Kalau Hospital UIA siap, nak beranak kat UIA jelah"
"EDD 1 June 2016, nanti pantang time bulan puasa la nampaknya"
"Huda mengidam apa, abang belikan"
"Nak siapkan keje lab sebelum bulan 6 tahun depan. Nanti boleh cuti lama nak fully breastfeeding baby.."
"Bila nak bagitau Mak? Kita tunggu balik KL, tunjuk "Mak, perut Huda buncit!""

Wow! I can just go on listing all the conversations we both had. Seriously, both of us were SUPER EXCITED for this new coming baby after waiting for 6 years. 

However, the excitement had to stop when we saw the ultrasound scan. My uterus was empty. And I saw the POC was outside the uterus. "O Allah. Why is it that the POC outside and not in its place? Is is another ectopic?" This time round, there was no heart beat so, I didn't cry like the last time when I saw the scan. (Strong Ummi!!)

There were 3 specialists seeing my case and they were giving me so many options. I chose to go for emergency diagnostic laparoscopic kiv open laparotomy for ectopic left cornual pregnancy. I was happy for the pregnancy to be 5 weeks and 6 days (Thank You Allah for the oppurtunity given), but I was sad for the rest of the days because knowingly that I had to terminate the pregnancy. 

I was in the operation theatre for 3 hours. They did open mini laparotomy (which didn't look like a mini to me) and wedge resection 2x2cm of the left cornual pregnancy. Syukur that it was on the left side. So, my right tube is spared. But they said that the next pregnancy need to have contraception precautions and must be elective caesarean section. (I'm still thinking the fact of being pregnant at the age of 37-38...;)) Alhamdulillah, I was discharged after 3 days warded. 

It was hard for me to cope and adjust to the "jalan kura-kura", "pegang bantal kecik kat perut untuk support" the first 2 weeks. But entering 3rd week, I'm felling adjusted with what I can or not do. The pain is still there but bearable. Not sure when I can go up to my room upstairs. Huhu. 

There were times when I cry my heart out after solat. The thoughts that came to me were actually du'as for me.. 
- I wish to get better, healthy, fit physically ane spiritually after 4 weeks
- I wish that Allah will grant my GOT PhD eventhough I might be struggling this coming few months
-  I wish to teach Huzaifah and Habib their school subjects personally and make du'a that they will become number 1 in class 
- I am sad the fact that this is the 2nd ectopic pregnancy and they distorted my upper segment uterus making the risk for me to get pregnant is very high
- I am sad I am unable to lift heavy weights and doing housechores for quite sometime because the scar is just too big.. 
- I was sad and worried if I made the right decision by terminating the pregnancy. But, reading the forums made me believe that I did the right thing
- I am sad that I have lost 2 precious pregnancies that are difficult for me to get
- I am sad.
- But, I accept the fate that this is what Allah wants me to experience. The pain, the heartache, the unstable mood makes me try to get  back to Allah. He knows best! 

Post op 13 days, I think I can handle my emotional better. I hope to recover soon and become the best of His servant insyaAllah. May Allah bless us with many Blessings and Happiness for what has happened definitely broke my heart. Amiiiin. 
Thanks Abang for your understanding. The chocs... my mood lifters!!! *thumbs up* ;)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The long waiting dream has finally comes true. Thank You Allah for giving this oppurtunity. May I become humble and a pious servant after this and the days to come, InsyaAllah. Amiiiiiin. 

May Allah grant the wishes of my friends who are in the same boat too, soon. 

O Allah, please keep us safe and healthy under Your Care.  Amiiiiin. 


Alhamdulillah, my husband and I was super spring cleaning together. 

What Abang Did?
✔️ Cut the grass
✔️ Cut the pokok pandan 
✔️ Cut the pinang leaves
✔️ Washed the smelly green rubbish bin
✔️ Cleaned the front house
✔️ Washed the Alza

What I did? 
✔️ Helped Abang for 10 minutes
✔️ Ironed the curtains and cushion covers
✔️ Changed the curtains and cushion covers
✔️ Rearranged the SisApple Cottage stuff
✔️ Wash the clothes and hung them
✔️ Cooked simple dishes for lunches

Since I did more chores, my Abang did something special for me. 

He bought me Laici Kang! Sedap!! ;) 
Thanks for a lovely weekend, Abang. 
Syukur Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for the strength and will to clean up the house. 

Here are some of the pics to summarize the sweet and tired and fruitful weekend. Haha. Back to work tomorrow!! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015


It had been a while since I wrote in this blog. But, to my surprise, I've been writing A LOT and post it on my Facebook wall. Not sure what makes me do that. Is it just for getting the LIKES? Kuang kuang kuang. Kantoi! 

Anyways, I wrote about my Kamikaze, the unfortunate cat at the back of our house which had been diagnosed as having Spirotrochosis. A deadly fungus which can affect human. The treatment will need 6 months of oral medication just like antiTB treatment. The cat is still at the cat shop. We decided to ward him and let the veterinarian takes care of him. The vet suggested to euthanise it, but my husband said to give it a chance to live first. I also don't mind because I'm also getting to like the cat. Habib had been asking about the cat! Hopefully the cat will get well soon.

This morning I wrote something related with the RED DAY yesterday. It sadden my Chinese friend who felt that she is being threatened by people calling her as "pendatang". I was not prepared to answer her questions about the RED DAY, about what will happen to the Chinese and Malay, what will become of Malaysia and what is happening in Malaysia. I quoted Tunku Abdul Rahman and the ayat from Surah Al Hujurat:13. SAY NO TO RACISM. We are not USA like years ago when they discriminate blacks and whites. We are 1 Malaysia, I guess now we should use the 1 Malaysia slogan and stop making fools of ownselves, you know who. 

I want to write another story of mine, which happened today. That is I was invited by FMS to become a facilitator during a breastfeeding course. I was really scared because I thought I might not be able to answer the questions. But Alhamdulillah to my surprise the discussion and sharing session was very fruitful for me. Shared about my 3rd ectopic baby. Ok. That made me sad a bit. Now I know why I'm feeling like writing and feeling sad in the heart, and hard on the chest. The mothers were shocked and awed when I told them, "I saw a heartbeat". Yes, that's how I felt. Shocked. Awed. Sad. Cry. Been waiting for it for a long time.... But Alhamdulillah, I got to accept the fact.. That our miracle baby who lived in my left Fallopian tube, was taken back by Allah before I get to nurture him for 9 months and let him grow with love in our family. Alhamdulillah, since the loss, there were many good things that happened in our lives. So, I am grateful to Allah for all His Kindness, His Love and His Blessings in our lives. 

Done writing. Will continue updating from time to time insyaAllah. 

Berjaya upload gambar! Yeay! :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Alhamdulillah, I am back to write in this blog! 
Not sure exactly how I am treating this blog. But, I guess, whenever I want to write, I have a place where I can go to. 

September marks the end of my 1st year PhD and entering my 2nd year of PhD. 
WOW! Seriously? It had been a year?
Why am I feeling that for the past 1 year, like nothing really happened. 
Except for the negative results that I've gained. huhuhu
I tried not to be so sad with the amount of work I've done and the final result was negative. 
It was mainly because, I didn't want my supervisor to panic.
But deep inside me, I am feeling anxious and stressed with the progress that I've made.

Anyway, I went to Setia Alam last week for my 2nd conference. Presented a poster but I didn't win. haha. But, I love all the lectures given. The speakers were good in their fields and they have made me "feeling" motivated to continue striving as my 2nd year of PhD approaching. 

I was really inspired by Prof Datin Dr Zahurin from UM and Prof Dr. Zalina from USM. Both of them have students and they really helped students and not condemning students from the way I saw it. My supervisor is also that kind of person and I am thankful and so grateful to Allah SWT for that opportunity given. I hope not to waste that given chance and may I graduate on time to say my thanks back to my supervisor who really guided and taught me to succeed in my study. InsyaAllah. 

Last but not least, I am motivated to continue this journey when my good friend, Shida who has just joined to ride the same boat as mine. Finally, I have a friend other than my husband, who I can go to and let things out when I am stress, and we can eventually motivate each other, bang each other's head whenever we are cuckoo and keep up the momentum to finish the thesis writing at the end of this journey, insyaAllah. For having her by my side, I am so grateful to Allah. I hope we can successfully finish our PhD journeys on time. Amiiiiiiinnnn. 

Let's inspire and motivate each other, ok  Shida! 
(and through LINE please...... I just love Cony and Brown. hehe)

Saturday, June 27, 2015


I must attend a conference somewhere in August since my supervisor asked me to do so. For the past 1 month and a half, my colleague and I was busy doing the labwork so that we can get results to present. During the initial stage of the labwork, we found that we couldn't get the result that we wanted. Eventually, it was because of wrong ordered primer. 

So, my supervisor ordered a new primer, but still the result was not as good as what we had expected. But at least we can get results compared to the previous primer. 

By the time we get all the results, I was finding it difficult to analyse the data. I had to recall what we have done and then, layout all the results that we have (which was the most difficult part because the data was everywhere. Haha), and think critically the reasons for each results. 

Yesterday, I printed everything and discussed with my colleague. And, started to write the abstract. When we called our supervisor, she saw the results and understood them immediately. (Huhhu. It took us almost half day to really understand the graphs! Haha). She then corrected the whole abstract in just 15-20 minutes. Subhanallah!!! 


Yes, I agree with my colleague. Our supervisor is a genius! :) 

Good luck in submission the abstract! 

10 Ramadhan 1436H

Friday, June 19, 2015


I am approaching my 2nd year of PhD! 
There are still a lot to be done! 

Anyway, I must start writing in this blog to have my PhD journey recorded. :) Then only, I can recall back what happened during my struggle to achieve the success at the end 💪. Just to jot down some memories this week, 

Autoclave Meletop
Haha. Mat Duwe lari masa dia tekan start button sebab takut autoclave meletop dan meninggalkan kitorang dalam bilik tu! Sabo jelah!! Sakit perut gelak! 

Buat 2 kali keje tapi last-last 1st result was ok. Sia-sia tenaga dan masa. Pastu, bila run test, tak cukup pulak preparation sample. Tension betul! Dah la 1st day of Ramadhan. Hehe. Tapi, last2 result nampak ok jugak! Rugi je stress. Hehe

SisApple Tart Nenas
Mood bisnes datang balik bila Ramadhan ni. Hihi. Bukak tempahan seminggu je. Alhamdulillah, dapatlah duit raya tahun ni. Plan nak bagi kat orang jugak sebab semua duit gaji dah kena sharing. Tak boleh amik duit tu sesuka hati. Jadi, nak suka-suka hati, kena cari duit sendiri. Fuh! Mujurlah tart nenas ni memang ada peminat-hantu-teamnya tersendiri. Rezeki... Allah Maha Pemberi Rezeki. 

Ok. That's all for now. Tata

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan dari Huzaifah Habib! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Happy Birthday Huzaifah! 
Happy Father's Day to our First Born Baby Huzaifah, Ayah!