Friday, October 10, 2014



Alhamdulillah, without me realising, I am already in my 2nd month of PhD. There are a whole lot of things that I need to learn, as some people like to put it in words "That's why people do PhD in 3 years, so you cannot expect to know everything in 2 weeks". haha.

But, since yesterday, I've been feeling good about doing PhD now. And no need to do work as a lecturer for the time being. The feelings just came. Maybe, it's because I've been reading 2 articles thoroughly that really make me learn new things and ask a lot of things. hehe. Whatever it is, hope it's a good thing for me to keep motivating myself to continue this PhD journey till the end successfully. Amiiin.

Just met my SV. A superb one of course! She never complaints but always encouraging. She will keep answering my questions eventhough she already explained many many many times before. Erkk. Eventhough the feeling of meeting the SV is very scary sometimes because she wants to see me every week and update the progress. Scary tak?? hehe. But, I am so grateful to have her as my SV. So, what's next? Of course-lah, not to dissappoint her and my own self, right? :D

K. Tata for now.
It's my 6th week. Gulp!