Saturday, May 26, 2007



I can't be long in the internet since the internet at my old folk's house has a bad connection! Anyways... I'm at Cheras now. I came down last Monday. Initally I had to go to ONG Clinic and asked for a letter from the doctor saying that I am passed to travel at 35 weeks. Then, I had to ask for my leaves until my delivery....from Medical. Alhamdulillah dapat cuti tapi at the same time, the specialist told that I should be getting MC from ONG.... But ONG gave me 2 days MC.

I stayed at home for the past 1 week. Had to settle few forms and documents for Pembantu Rumah Asing. Actually, the helper's already been working with my Abangalong for 5 months. Since he and his family are going to the UK in July, so they are passing their helper to me... since I'll be having a baby soon, will need a helper to handle my baby at home while I o to work later...

While I'm busy with that, my husband is waiting for a letter saying that we are going to leave and continue working at Hospital Machang. He'll be busy packing up things at our quarters later once the letter has reached... Hopefully things will be easy for him with his friends helping him out later to move....

Alhamdulillah, last Thursday, I went for my check up at ONG Hospital Serdang with Abangalong. He already resigned from work to settle things related to their travelling to the UK.My brother and I had to join the Breastfeeding Talk handled by the doctor there. It was the Head of Department talking about breastfeeding which I found very useful. She taught how to breastfeed and express breastmilk once working. :) She herself breastfed her twin babies for 7 months!!! So, she was encouraging us to breastfeed our own babies for Allah has given us the opportunities and also the greatest gift of breastfeeding. :) It was really motivating! I hope I can do it... since one of the advantages is slimming! hehe.

Then, I had my check up with the same doctor. She estimated my baby's weight 2.4kg.. So small! :) But, at the same time I'm diagnosed to have Threatened Preterm Labour. Nasib baik baby kecik aje. Kalau baby besar, I can't imagine what other complications I have to face... So, she asked me to rest at home and MC until delivery... :) Alhamdulillah. Will save my annual leaves for latter.

Yesterday I had few contractions felt but it was relieved after rest. Alhamdulillah. My baby loves to move around. My brother was amazed to feel the baby moving on my tummy. My sister?? She's overwhelmed and keep on asking, "Baby tak nak keluar lagi ke?" ;p

As for me and my husband... It was very difficult for me for the first few days being away from him. I cried so many times before and after I left Kelantan. Just couldn't bare the distance apart between us. My husband was also in bad mood for few days... But Alhamdulillah, with doa and solat hajat, we both managed to handle our emotions... :) But, still, inside us... we miss each other a lot! :) Love created after marriage is very special you know!!! ;)

May Allah grant my wish and doa... Please let my husband to be next to me when it's time for the baby to pop out! Ameen. (Can't wait to meet you Abang next Friday!) :)

Tomorrow will be our 1 year Annivessary! 27 MAY 2007... Abang wanted to celebrate together but since I had to leave to KL... we'll have to postpone it, I guess...

Selamat Ulangtahun Perkahwinan Pertama Abang!
Terima kasih atas segala-galanya...
Terima kasih atas kasih sayang yang telah Abang berikan selama ini...
Huda bertuah dapat Abang sebagai suami, buah hati, jantung hati, cinta sejati Huda...
Tiada siapa yang boleh mengambil tempat Abang dalam hati Huda...
Semuga Allah pelihara kasih sayang, rumahtangga kita di dunia dan di akhirat...
Abanglah suami Huda dunia akhirat... :)
Saaaaaaaaaaaayang Abang!

Friday, May 18, 2007



As the title of my blog mentioned... I just discharged from Antenatal Ward, Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II, Kota Bharu (HRPZII). I was admitted there yesterday. I was well when I started off the day by going to the hospital to work. For this week, I was supposed to be in charge in Ward 15, a passive ward, full of patients with HIV, Tuberculosis, Diabetic Control and Renal failures on regular hemodialysis basis. Not a busy ward... Alhamdulillah. Early morning, I went to join the talk on medicolegal. Then, I did round in the ward for 1 hour. After that, I went to the Clinic to see patient to be seen as outpatients.

After seeing 2nd patient, I felt my tummy growling! Felt like having severe diarrhea. It was true when I went to the toilet and I was purging watery stools!!! 3 days prior to yesterday, last Sunday I already had similar symptoms. But it was more of food poisoning where I vomited and had loose stools. Emcee 1 day while my husband was oncall... Anyways, I was in the toilet for almost 2 hours yesterday. Purging diarrhea and watery stools until feeling nothing to come out! But the tummy was so painful!!! I couldn't walk properly for having such painful colicky abdomen...

I sms my husband and told him about my problem. He asked me to come out from the toilet. He was oncall again yesterday. When he saw me, he said we better go to the Emergency and get another emcee. We went to Emergency, luckily it was in front and across the road from the Clinic. When I reached there, the MA asked me to go to the Yellow Zone. The HOD of Emergency department was there! Argghh... malunye! He asked what was wrong and I told him. He asked whether I was having any contraction pain??? Well, I didn't think of that but more concerned about my loose stools!! Then, when I was examined, he said that I was having contraction pain! What??? Nak beranak dah ke aku??? Baru 35 minggu!!!

My husband set line for me and then, the HOD arranged for an ambulance to send me to the labour room. It was the first time I was a patient and rode in an ambulance! hehe. I was examined by my juniors colleague and told me that my os was closed but since I was having contraction, they admitted me to the labor room, the same room I last admitted... and I was on regular painkiller injections which made me sleep the whole time. Initially I was having contraction pain 2 in every 10 minutes. Later on yesterday night, the pain reduced to 1 in 10 minutes and finally, irregular contractions. My baby was well and active all the time in the ward, Alhamdulillah.

They said that since I had already completed Dexamethasone injection (to mature my baby's lungs) during my last admission and my baby's estimated weight was 2.6kg during my last ultrasound scan, they allowed labour if it was progressing! I was sleepy after given the injections but still prayed and hoped may Allah give me what's best for me and my baby... I was checking whether I had other signs of labour but since the contraction was reducing, I was not worried so much!

Hmmm, my Baby Caliph is really playful said my aunt! :) Yesterday I was in the labour room by myself. My husband was oncall. He wanted to be there with me, but we had no choice. Both of us were sad... but Allah knew what was bst for us both. Alhamdulillah, the nurses were very nice to me. I was happy in the labour room not like last time. :) Syukur, Alhamdulillah, my husband's oncall last night was not so bad. Yupp... we wanted to be together, but we knew we just couldn't. :)

Abang, janganlah rasa bersalah lagi. Cukuplah dengan kata-kata Abang yang cukup membuatkan hati ini sungguh pilu dan terharu. "Kita asyik tolong patients, jaga patients, rawat patients, macam apa je, tapi bila bini sakit, kita nak jaga pun tak boleh". Bukan kita yang sengaja meminta semua benda ini berlaku semalam waktu Abang oncall. Tapi, syukurlah Allah sayangkan kita. Takde apa yang berlaku semalam pada kita berdua dan hari ini dah pun boleh keluar wad.:)

Ya Allah!
Kau letakkanku berada di antara 2 orang yang amat ku kasihi
Mereka berdua inginkan yang terbaik untukku
Mereka berdua ingin berada di sampingku ketika ku melahirkan anak dalam kandungan ini
Tunjukkanlah kepadaku apa yang harus ku lakukan
Tunjukkanlah kepada mereka berdua bahawa aku amat menyayangi mereka berdua yang amat sangat
Dan pastinya, ku inginkan mereka berdua di sampingku di saat-saat getir ketika melahirkan
Tapi, sekiranya salah seorang daripada mereka tiada di sampingku
Tunjukkanlah kepadanya bahawa kasihku, cintaku, sayangku padanya takkan pudar sama sekali
Kasih, cinta dan sayang yang telah Kau campakkan dalam hati ini
Biarlah ia bersemadi dalam hati, darah, dagingku selamanya hingga bertemu denganMu...

Saturday, May 12, 2007



Alhamdulillah, Baby Caliph is going to be 35 weeks this Monday. I'm supposed to go for my ANC this Monday but not sure whether I can excuse myself. Hopefully, should be a problem...Baby Caliph is so active and making wavy movements on my tummy. Usually will wake Ummi up in the morning by pressing on the bladder... and before sleeping, will make Ummi have supper and doing somersaults when Ummi so tired and sleepy. hehe. Anak Ummi ni kecik-kecik lagi dah nakal ni! ;) Can't wait for 37 completed weeks. Hopefully by that time, Baby Caliph will pop out! Praying that Ayah will be next to Ummi when Baby Caliph pops out! Ameen....

Syafakillah to our blogger, Dr. Nida... She's admitted to HRPZII last 3 days because of having viral fever with thrombocytopenia. Low platelet. Suspected dengue from Indonesia because she's still studying in Jogjakarta. But, the dengue serology came out negative. Before yesterday she looks ill but yesterday, looks like she's improving. Her husband is my husband's best friend. He's worries made my husband worried too and he told me many times that if I was to be admitted, he'll be worried also because... "Bini sakit tau, mesti lah risau!" hehe. Yelah abang! ;) Hopefully Dr. Nida will recover soon... Ameen.

That day I was so pissed off when one of the MO told me that I'm supposed to tag for 2 weeks so that when I come back from confinement I can start my MO oncall. Later, another MO told me that I'm supposed to hold the pager the next day and answer all the referrals, either from the districts or from other departments. I was quite sad because, how come all these MOs know about my status and I don't even know it from my leader. Why did he go and tell others instead of telling me myself what I'm supposed to do? WALLAHUA'LAM.

Later that night, talked to Mak over the phone regarding the matter and Mak was giving lectures and tazkirah to me... :( Well, she said I should have asked myself regarding the matter above instead of hearing others what to do and waiting for the leader to tell me. She said that I should stop assuming negative things and try to get the right facts from the superior. I should husnu dzon with the people around me... Hmmm.. Mak knows my weakness and tackled it nicely... :) Thanks Mak. InsyaAllah, will get a hold on one of my superior and ask regarding my status and to apply early holidays to deliver the baby this June... Rabbisyrahli sodri wayassirli amri whalul uqdatanminlisaani yafqahu qauli...

She also reminded me about going to district... She said that I should be in the hospital and stays at medical longer so that I can gain experience, confidence and competent in doing my work later. It's true... Guess will be staying in KB longer and have Baby Caliph growing at the quarters first before moving out to district... Hmmm.... "Allah will repay your suffers and your good deeds in helping the patients to get better in other ways..."

I think that's all to update... My husband's working half day today... :(

Sunday, May 06, 2007



It had been long since the last time I updated my blog, eh?? ;) Well, sorry for those waiting for my recent news..

Well, was quite busy with work and also adjusting life to my current status as a Medical Officer at Female Ward. Finally, they decided to make me a MO and did HO oncalls. Alhamdulillah, my last oncall had already passed. It was on the 1st May 2007. Syukur it was uneventful and I got to sleep that night on the bed. There were other 3 HO and a MO sleeping inside the room but they gave me and my baby to sleep on the bed. Nasib baik dapat tidur, kalau tak sia-sia aje... ;)

Now, I'm handling half of the female ward which is a very big responsibilty. Being me having such a little knowledge... Scared always as usual! But I guess day by day I just have to learn and if I don't know, I'll just ask for help... May Allah help me to help all the patients... Ameen.

Well, it had been hot for the past few weeks due to Musim Kemarau. Hot really means HOT!!! We'll be sweating day and night because of the weather. So, Abang love to drink Air Kelapa. We went to Pantai Cahaya Bulan just to get ourselves to drink Air Kelapa in the Buah Kelapa. :) Initially my sister in law said that it's not good for the baby, but then, there's another Nenek said that it's good for the baby. Hmm, what I believe is that it's good for the ummi! hehe. On the way to PCB, there were a lot of small stalls selling Jagung Rebus! hehe. So, we didn't miss to buy that also... ;)

That day I had the chance to talk through Yahoo Messenger with Raiyan! :) It was quite fun to talk over the computer. hehe. It had been long since I talk to anyone through the phone... Anyways, the next day, got the chance to talk to My Twin pulak! :) Well, with the new technologies around, why not use it for our own sake, right??? :) I did chat with K. Wanda, tapi not through the mic and speaker but had to type on the yahoo messenger. Well, nice to story-mory with you guys! Hope we can do it again at another time, insyaAllah....

Guess what??? Yesterday, I bumped into one of my blog reader, K. Lia. Well, if you are reading this K. Lia, nice to meet you yesterday! :) My husband and I went to Noodle Station to eat dinner. Actually we wanted to have dinner elsewhere, either Ayamas/KB Mall/Mamak Stall/gerai tepi jalan/Hayaki, but we ended up at Noodle Station. Well, hikmah behind it was that I got to make an ukhuwah fillah with K. Lia... hehe. The food there was not nice!!! Tapi, rezeki nak jumpa my Blog Reader... ;) She just called me, "Dr Nour El Huda?" while I was on my way out! Terkezuuuuutttt!!! Patient mana pulak ni??? Do I happen to know you??? hehehe. K. Lia happened to read my blog from blog JurnalAlam. But she's not a blogger herself! :) Well, good luck in your phD!!! :)

Hmmm... If you see the calender, Baby Caliph is already 33 weeks. Going to turn 34 weeks tomorrow! Just 6 weeks more to go!!! What do you know??? I'll be getting a baby soon! Alhamdulillah. :D Hopefully everything will turn out fine and both of us will be safe through the journey of labour and delivery.... Ameen! Make du'a for us yeah???

Masam-Masam Manis
Sudah beberapa minggu, aku sudah mula membaca novel Ayat-Ayat Cinta. Tapi atas desakan masa, aku tidak dapat habis membaca novel tersebut sekaligus. Semalam, bacaanku sudah sampai saat Fahri dan Aisya menjadi suami isteri. Aku teringat saat aku dan suamiku disatukan. Rasanya, cerita kami lebih kurang seperti pasangan dalam novel tersebut! hehe. Abang menafikan dan menyatakan, aku sudah jadi jiwang selepas membaca novel tersebut. Dia bergurau akan melarang aku membeli buku-buku jiwang selepas ini... Alaa.. Apa salahnya berjiwang dengan suami??? hehe. Ye kan???

Selepas aku solat berjemaah Isya' dengan suamiku, aku teringat saat Abang meluahkan perasaannya mahu berada di sampingku semasa aku melahirkan anak kami yang sulung nanti. Emakku pula berkehendak supaya aku pulang ke kampung halaman dan melahirkan anak kami di sana. Sedih, terharu dan pilu rasanya bila mendengar Abang menyatakan hasratnya mahu memastikan proses bersalinku berjalan dengan lancar dan Abang mahu mengazankan anaknya sendiri. Isteri mana yang tak luruh jiwanya bila mendengar suaminya berkata begitu??? :(

Sekiranya aku boleh jangkakan bila aku akan bersalin, sekehendakku mahu melahirkan anak kami bersama dengan suamiku, samada di KL atau di Kelantan, asalkan suamiku ada... Tapi, hanya Dia yang Maha Mengetahui.... Semuga Allah memberikan jalan yang terbaik untukku, anakku dan suamiku... Ameen... Doakan kami....

Dah jiwang sebab suami oncall lah! :p