Monday, May 24, 2010



Today's not so well... But not so bad, Alhamdulillah...

What a day to spend in front of my netbook clicking the Maybank2u, BIMB online and CIMB-e-clicks.. And finally with all the different username and password, I entered the wrong password in one of the site and got blocked! haha! It was Maybank's website.. So, I had to call the call centre... It took 2 minutes for them to finally answer my call! Then, the operator who answered was asking so many questions!!! My gosh! And the bad part of the story is that I couldn't answer some of the questions! hehe. He asked about mailing address... I think I already mentioned all the places I've stayed! But nothing matched with what he asked... But finally he gave me the guide to reset my password! Oh my, Alhamdulillah, what a relief!!! hehe. Bad eh??? Hari tu kena sound dah dengan cik abang, duk lupa sokmo username and password! hehe

There's no millions of money inside my bank accounts.. But to handle it is never easy I would say.. As taught by my husband, pay myself first then only pay the others! I saved the money in Tabung Haji, Akaun Bersama, then only I would pay the rest, including JPA Loan, Habib, Huzaifah, prepaid reload and Wedding cake and tarts... After all the payments, seeing the money balance.. ehem ehem... I do have some money left for me to spend for my 4th annivessary and to buy home furnitures! ahaks! hmmm... ;) bakal menjadi rumah sendiri, mesti la nak rumah cantik2 sikit... kalau boleh tak nak jugak sofa kat ruang tamu, tapi mak mertua, keluarga sendiri dah sound2 dari dulu, beli yang semampu dan sekadar yang mungkin, insyaAllah. :) simple, but nice and affordable... and better to have it than nothing. :)

To my readers, thank you for dropping by...
This blog is just sharing with my friends and families who want me to update my story out here in Kuantan... and for me to flashback when I'm at 40-50 years of age.. hehe. Anyways, happy readinG! :)

Friday, May 21, 2010



Alhamdulillah, last Wednesday we received the key to our new house. On Friday we started to bring little by little all the things/junks from our old house to the new house.. :) We were not sure when to move out... Day by day we bring some of the things to the new house. On Saturday, I did some gardening at the old house since the grass were already high up to the knee!! Terrible tenant eh? hehe. My thighs were really hurt by that Saturday night... But I think it was worth it coz by Monday when the grass was mowed, the garden looked nice. :)

So, after discussing with my husband... and by then most of the things were already packed and sent to the new house by our WIRA car, the curtains were already down, we decided to move by Monday! hehe.. It took us 4 days to move from the old house to the new house. Alhamdulillah.. It was better than the last time when we moved from Machang to Kuantan, took us only 24 hours to pack things up and drove to Kuantan the next day! Allahuakbar... (this story will be storied later, insyaAllah. :) jangan mare ye Aida... bukan masa sesuai lagi untuk menceritakan TRAVELOGku ini.. )

Syukur Alhamdulillah, the new house is a double terrace house, in front of a surau and a kindergarten. Still in good condition. No house at the back or front of the house. Malay housing area. Cooler house than IM15. :) May Allah bless us in our new house always... Ameen...

Whenever I thought and remember the experience during our moving out from Kelantan to Pahang (TRAVELOGku)... I'll have teary eyes... Thank you Allah for all your help and guidance...
It was amazing how we did it, but You were there to make us do it...

Jumu'ah Sa'eedah

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Part Saya Suka
Kau mencintaiku sperti bunga mencintai titah Tuhannya
Tak pernah lelah menebar mekar aroma bahagia
Tak pernah lelah meneduhkan gelisahannya
Kau mencintaiku seperti matahari mencintai titah Tuhannya
Tak pernah lelah menbahagi cerah cahaya
Tak pernah lelah menghangatkan jiwa

Part Huzaifah?Ke Ayah Huzaifah Suka
"Kamu nanti solat maghrib di sini, ba'da solat maghrib aku nikahkan kamu dengan gadis itu. Saksinya masyarakat, jemaah dan pelajar. Maharnya cincin emas ini."
"Kalau boleh tahu, dari mana gadis itu dan siapa nama dia, Pak Kiai?"
"Dia asli Wangen di sini. Dia Anna Alfafunnisa."
"Anna?Anak Pak Kiai?Allah..."
Anna sujud syukur...

Love all the tudung-tudung dalam cerita ni... Labuh... :) Tunggu bibik balik Indon and I'll order from her! hehe

Wednesday, May 05, 2010



Today is going to be my day with all my THREE SUPERB SUPERVISORS!!! I hope we can come to a SOLID CONCLUSIONS! InsyaAllah...

Well, yesterday my husband's best friend called him and asked him about his research proposal. hehe. He blamed me for writing about his research proposal's problem in the blog. ehem ehem.. Actually kan abang, abang sendiri tulis dalam blog abang tu. That's whyla Best Friend abang dapat tau.. Huda punya best friend pun dapat tau jugak lah! hehehe.

But, I would like to thank his best friend for calling him yesterday! He really made Abang's day! Gelak sampai guling2!!! hehe. Thanks to my best friend for calling also. Sorry couldn't talk long. Huzaifah nowadays becoming attention seeker of Ummi. So, that's why the noisy background you heard... Anyways, please send pictures of your daughter, Thank You!

Syukur Alhamdulillah, his research proposal had been submitted and insyaAllah already approved. However there are so many amendments that needs to be done before sending it tomorrow. Hopefully you can do it... Can't help him much though this time as I'm also in middle of making sense of my research, and reading all the printed articles... "Finding the articles is one thing, but reading the articles is another thing!," one professor said.. But to me, I would add after the sentence, "Understanding the articles is definitely something!" hehe

Tuesday, May 04, 2010



Alhamdulillah, yesterday I received a sms saying that I don't have to pay for the raw materials to do my research, as long as the end results will be given to the company! Syukur Alhamdulillah!!! Right after I told my husband about this news, he asked, "Solat Dhuha tak hari ni?" I answered, "Solat." :)

After a while, I received a call from a nearby clinic asking me to do locum. Well, I'm in the middle of searching my references for my BIG PROJECT, so, I don't think I can go. But I asked my husband if he wants to do locum as he did mentioned it earlier yesterday morning. He talked to the clerk himself and he accepted it and had to go to the clinic by 5pm till 9:30pm, break from 7-8pm. He said, "Testing power hari ni Solat Dhuha 6 rakaat.. Memang power lah!." :) He added, "Huda dapatlah save RM1000, abang dapatlah RM140." hehe

He was tired after the locum. There were 20 over patients that he had seen. The clinic receives 60+ patients daily.. that's a lot of money, eh? ;) He came back at 9:50pm and said that he had forgotten few prescriptions for drugs, but it was OK. The clinic gave him cash money in an envelope... Guess what? RM180!!!


Since we started studying in Kuantan, Alhamdulillah we get the chance to pray Dhuhas daily, Alhamdulillah... It's amazing how the rezeki comes, but, as my mother in law said, "Rezeki, kita tak tahu bila nak dapat, tapi Alhamdulillah.. Kalau kita niat tolong orang, adalah Allah nak bagi rezeki kat kita." (something like that, Ma speaks in Kelantanese. hehe)

Let's Solat Dhuha!!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010



Alhamdulillah, yesterday I was browsing through some of the blogs and I came across this website of scrapinblogs.. Just love all the scrapbooks when I was young. Now they are making the scraps for the webs/blogs.. How nice! I browsed through the website, and all of the templates were beautiful! It was hard to make a decision of making a new template for my blog... hehe. Actually it was just a renewal of blog's background, so that we'll feel better mood when we write in our blog, right???

Anyways, I want to share something I read last week, a novel... DENYUT KASIH MEDIK! written by DR. FARHAN HADI.. Good job! I would like congratulate you, Dr. Farhan!!! Your novel is going to be a hit, insyaAllah! :)

I have short term memories of what I read, but what I can recall and would like to comments is already in my head...

I felt it touched my heart when I read about his nonstoppable work when doing oncalls and ward works, and I did cry a little bit, but it didn't spill! Just tears in the eyes.. :) hehe. Well, reading the story made me go back in the past when I was a houseman(HO) myself and was doing medical officer's (MO) job when I was in medical posting. Yup, every medical wards will have full of patients in beds with all kinds of illness and all kinds of actions towards doctors and staffnurses... ;)

Good if all doctors can do the same as DR MUSLEH (the hero in the story)... Teaching the public and, patients about the importance of doing the WAJIB such as Solat and wearing hijab and practising the SUNNAH such as pray early after the azan, read surah Al Kahfi on Friday nights and encourage us to have many children to make this Ummah stronger... :) But, from my experience, it was never too easy, but again that is part of da'wah... ;) WALLAHUA'LAM.

I was interested to comment about AIR SELUSUH mentioned in the novel. Well, I didn't come across many patients who took this AIR SELUSUH... but, I wanted to share something that happen to ME when I wanted to deliver my first son, Huzaifah at Hospital Serdang in 2007.

My contraction pain was unbearable at 2:30am but we went to the hospital at 3:30am. We reached the hospital around 3:45am. The contraction pain wasstarting to be very severe.. it was 4:10 (4 contractions in 10 minutes)!!! Sakit wooo...

Then, when the nurse wanted to put the CTG (cardiotocograph, to detect the fetal's heart beat), she asked me, "Doktor ada minum air selusuh ke?" Well, I didn't drink anything written in front of the bottle as "Air Selusuh", but what I had been practising since the first trimester of my pregnancy was drinking the AIR ZAM-ZAM...

Alhamdulillah, I delivered Huzaifah 1 hour after that, 4:50am... And usually for a primid (first time pregnant) like me, it'll take at least 8-10 hours to deliver the baby.. But Alhamdulillah, both my sons were delivered after 1 hour of pain... If I had to bear the pain for the next 2-4 hours, I think I wouldn't survive... WALLAHUA'LAM! ;)

Hmmm... I didn't know what Air Selusuh was, and after I read the novel, now only I understand what is air selusuh all about... It's just a plain water but an ustaz/ustazah will recite few surahs from the Quran added with Air Zam-Zam or Air Musoffa? and somethimes, it adds with few herbs... Something like that... But, for me, I don't agree if somebody wants to say that since I drink Air Zam-Zam, then it is considered as Air Selusuh... A BIG NO!!! For me, air zam-zam is a medicine by itself. As long as your intention is good, drink it with a good niat, insyaAllah Allah will help...

To pregnant ladies out there, drink Air Zam-Zam during your pregnancy as you take your daily folic acid and vitamins... InsyaAllah, Allah will make the pregnancy a beautiful experience and also, an easy delivery... WALLAHUA'LAM. We can try and hope, there's no harm doing it, right? ;)

Lastly, about the last part of the novel... Dr Musleh married to Qani'ah, a master student at UM, if I'm not mistaken. How sweet and romantic the story was about them getting married... (teringat zaman kita baru kawin dulu, kan abang? hehe) He mentioned about he wanted to further continue his study in Orthopaedics and wanted to be an MO there before pursuing. But unfortunately, he was placed to another unit, Psyhiatry... But, in the end, instead of going to Psychiatry, he was transferred to a health clinic 2/3 hours away from his home. He had to follow the order and had to leave his pregnant wife...

It was a good story, a good novel! No doctors in Malaysia has yet produced a novel as he did and I really would like to congratulate you Dr. Farhan Hadi... I wanted to do the same as him, but no talent to do the same as yet... hehe. I can just write in my blogs, and I think that'll do... for now.. hehe

Oh ye.. My Tok's out from the ward today! My kaklong, unsure...

That's all for now...
Let's practise The Sunnah of Rasulullah!!!
Come on!!!