Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Alhamdulillah, today went to work at the Hospital Machang for the first time. Straight to the female ward since I'll be in charge of that ward for the time being... Since I'm breastfeeding Huzaifah, I asked my sister to call me whenever Huzaifah wants his milk... Alhamdulillah, the ward and my house is 3 minutes walk...
Alhamdulillah, Allah made it easy for us... :)

Hmmm, dah lama tak pegang pen, keras tangan nak menulis.... Otak pun jadi jammed sekejap bila tanya2, periksa patients.. :( Slowly, I'll pick up the skills again la, insyaAllah... The ward was full with patients, extended beds lagi... Aiyark!!! By 1pm baru habis keje dengan 3 kali ulang alik rumah... :D
Alhamdulillah, Allah helped me... :)

Huzaifah was feverish last night. Tak aktif langsung dia.. Ayah dia memang risau sangat tengok anak dia tak gerak kaki tangan seperti selalu... Memang bagi dia minum syrup panadol sokmo2 n mandikan Huzaifah kerap sikit...
Alhamdulillah, Allah helped Huzaifah... :)

"I'm 2 months old!!! Hero to get jabbed laaa"

P/s: Tengahari tadi, Abang ajak lunch di hospital sebab hari ni ada Klinik Pakar.. Alhamdulillah. Staffnurses yang jumpa kami cakap, "Muka bini doktor sama dengan doktor la..." kekeke... Where's the similarities??? And if that so, Huzaifah ikut muka saper??? hehe

Tuesday, August 14, 2007



Huzaifah got his 1st injection today... He cried aloud once then he slept off!!! hehe... OUR HERO!!!

And thanks to Ummi Raiyan's Kek Batik's recipe, it turned out good!!! :D Boleh la bukak francais Kek Batik Raiyan kat Hospital Machang plak... hehe. Hmm.. Nak start keje esok, baru sibuk2 nak surf internet cari good recipes to try out.. hehe

Lastly, want to share this "message" for those out there.. :) Got it from makannasik's blog...

Monday, August 13, 2007



Tomorrow, insyaAllah Huzaifah's turning 2 months... Will be getting his 1st injection!!! Hopefully, he'll be well... He knows how to smile, suck his mittens and moving all his 4 limbs... hehe.

Going to work on Wednesday... :( At the same time breastfeeding Huzaifah...May Allah make it easy for me and Huzaifah... Alhamdulillah, Ajin, my youngest sister here, taking her own school holidays... So, she's the unpaid babysitter for a week! :D

Doa for us..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007



Alhamdulillah, for the past few days, I had been teaching my Bibik to take care of Huzaifah. Intensive training to babysit Huzaifah since I'll be starting to work next week... :( She's quite OK! Hopefully, she'll take good care of my little Baby Caliph... She also do the cleaning and cooking... However, she doesn't have to cook whenever my husband oncall because, my husband would bring back food, in the "mangkuk tingkat". Lunch and dinner. So, we'll have a feast eating the hospital food.. hehe... :D

Anyways, while she took care of Huzaifah, I cooked, altering my "bundle" curtains, and cleaned up things in the new house... I also got the chance to watch TV and browsing through the webs and blogs that I have left behind to read... Anyways, nice to read infos from Well, I'm trying to breastfeed my little Baby Caliph here. So, just getting some tips from there.. Alhamdulillah, they gave quite useful infos...

Last Saturday, I watch RTM2 drama, Seharum Al Zahra. It was a very good movie. It was about a married couple, Zahra and Arman longing for their own child. Finally, they adopted a newborn. Rokiah, the newborn's mother was a first time mother who lost her husband during her 8-9 months pregnancy. Postnatally, she was depressed and thought about her baby. Her breasts were engorged because she wasn't breastfeeding. So, she kidnapped back her baby from Zahra... Zahra was so sad...

Zahra was working with the volunteer group like Mercy, sort of. She knew a nice girl, Jasmin. Zahra asked her husband Arman, to marry Jasmin as his 2nd wife since she overheard Arman's conversation with his parents... Nak cucu, darah daging sendiri, nak turunkan harta...

Jasmin was pregnant in no time, and Zahra was getting jealous over her madu. Finally Jasmin gae birth and the part that tou hed my heart was when Arman and Zahra had a heart to heart conversation. Zahra said that she had lost in the battle to overcome her jealousy. She kept on asking why was she not pregnant, and why it had to be her? Arman was consolling her, saying that if he knew that a child can cause their marriage to ruin, he would rather not getting married to the 2nd wife and get a child.

In the end, Zahra and Jasmin get back together and she went to Mecca. When she came back, she was pregnant twin.. hehe

A simple Malay typical story, but I like it.. By the way, there are only RTM1, RTM2, TV3 here in Machang. hehe. No ntv7, tv9, tv8 or Astro. hehe.

Oklah... Browsing through other websites... :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007



Alhamdulillah, hari ni tergerak hati nak meng"update"...tapi tak tahu lah sempat habis cerita ke tak coz, my Baby Caliph is halp asleep... Dia dah ngantuk tapi, bila nak masuk deep sleep dia, dia terjaga. Tunggu dia nak tido betul, lama sangat! :)

Anyways, syukur Alhamdulillah... This is the first time I'm blogging from Hospital Machang Quarters. We staying nearby the Hospital because it's cheap and also, it's very near to the hospital!!! :) Rezeki Huzaifah nak duduk rumah besar sangat2!!! Old Quarters house. 4 rooms + big hall for the living and dining room + big kitchen + backyard size of badminton court! hehehe. Anybody passing through Machang, come over to our house! We still have 2 rooms vacant... ;)

Menyambung menulis where I left off yesterday....

While Huzaifah asleep also, baru la boleh mengadap laptop ni. :) Alhamdulillah, he's asleep... For the past 2 days, it was very difficult for him to sleep... MasyaAllah... Tukar bulan? Tukar ragam?

Hm... best dapat baca blog kawan2 yang dah lama tak mengupdate, finally updated dah blog nye! Bila tengok my blog, dah lama jugak tak di update.. hehe. Teruja plak tengok org lain citer macam2... So, here comes my story...

I really wanted to share How Baby Caliph Was Born at Hospital Serdang on the 16th June 2007! :) Boleh kan? :)

Actually that week, my Mak was away to Canada. Actually she thought it was already cancelled, but suddenly she had to go there for work from the 8th until 15th June... And my other family members, Ayah, Ajin, Apis and Esan went for holiday at Bali from 11th until 15th June 2007. They went on the AirAsia's 1 million free ticket early this year. Mak was supposed to go as well, but she couldn't. So, the one who was left behind, me and the maid in the house for the whole week. I was nearing my due, 38 weeks +++. My Abangalong stays nearby, at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn as well. So, he will be called if I go into labor...

Alhamdulillah, I was accompanied by my husband, my twin, and my auntie when my family were not around in the house. They actually took turn! :) My husband was around from 10th-13th. On the 14th, my husband oncall at KB, so, my twin took over on her day off. She brought me to the Hospital Serdang for my last antenatal check up before my due date on the 18th June 2007. I learned the breathing exercise on that day... hehe. Nasib tak beranak lagi! ;) And the doc did the scan and told that it mayb be baby girl?? hehe. For the past 9 months, I thought I was going to have a baby boy... ;) hehe... Thanks to my twin for sparing her time melayan mak buyung ni! The next day, on the 15th my auntie was around since my twin had to go to work that evening...

15th June 2007, Jumaat
That morning, my twin was still around... When I went to the toilet, I saw spot of blood which we call it "show". Dah ada tanda awal nak bersalin ni... Tapi, nak kata sakit perut takde la sangat. Pecah air ketuban pun takde.. My twin had to go at 11am. My aunt came to accompany me at 12pm. I told my Abangalong. He came after Solat Jumaat with one of his twin. But, I was walking fine. No pain at all and no more blood coming out after that when I went to the toilet...

I sms my husband telling him that I had "show". He was very tired that day... He had to be oncall the day before... Dah lah sehari sebelum tu duduk KL. Balik KB semata2 kerana oncall.. So, he said he was still undecided whether he wanted to go back to KL or not.. I just told him that I prayed to Allah to deliver on that day since he will have 2 days off from work... and I don't know how to take back my doa after asking from Allah...

At 6pm, my Mak came home and my aunt went back to her house at Bukit Manjalara. Mak was exhausted. She hadn't had enough sleep and the flight journey was 20 hours +++. After Maghrib, she was asleep.

At 7pm, suddenly my husband said that he already booked Air Asia's ticket to fly to KL at 940pm and will be arriving at KL 1040pm. Alhamdulillah.. :) :) :)

At 9pm my Muksu called to talk to Mak but Mak was asleep... she asked me whether I have any signs of labor... I told her I had "show". Then, she said, walk around more and insyaAllah the delivery will be soon and easy.

At 10pm, I switched on the TV and saw Terminator 3 was on. hehe. While watching the movie, I practised the breathing exercise I learned from the antenatal class the day before. Then, I decided to walk up and down the stairs in the house whenever the advertisement in between the movie. I felt irregular pain but not so severe. My husband arrived at 1040pm at LCCT. I asked my Abangalong to go there a bit early to fetch my husband aswell since he was picking up my Ayah and the gang arriving from Bali... They had McDonald's burgers while waiting for the Ayah and the gang to arrive at 1130pm.

16th June 2007, Sabtu

At12am, I switched off the TV. Went to solat hajat and recited surah Maryam...

At 1230am, my husband knocked the door and Alhamdulillah, the whole family was back and I was still not delivered! :) Mak came down after a good sleep and saw my husband. She was quite shocked since I told her that he was not coming... hehe.. We chatted about their holidays in Bali, saw some pictures and ate chocolates until 130am.

At 0130am, I told the rest that I wanted to go to sleep. I was afraid if I had to go into labor and have not enough sleep...

At 0230am, I felt very severe pain!!! I could still handle the pain.. Thought it was just another premature contractions.. But then, it was very severe and then, my husband timed it. It was getting regular and stronger. He said to wait until 0330am. I said OK. When it was 3-4 contractions in 10 minutes, my husband said he'll bathe and solat hajat, then to wake up Ayah to go to the Hospital Serdang. I prepared myself, brought the Baby's Caliph's bag and my bag. My husband asked me to drink a sip of air zam-zam before going...

At 0330, I went to the toilet to pee and felt like "berak". But I was afraid if I "berak" my baby instead of my poo poo. hehe. So, I went out the toilet and Mak was looking into my bags and hugged me. She wanted to follow, but Ayah was already in the car. hehe. In the car, the contraction pain was so severe... I knew Ayah was panic! hehe. He said later, "Jalan kosong, takde kereta. Tapi, Ayah pelik kenapa Ayah bawak slow sangat. Jauhnya nak sampai Hospital Serdang!!!" hehe. Bayangkanla anak dia duk sakit kat belakang, "Aduh, sakitnya"... panic la dia.. hehe

At 0400am, we arrived Hospital Serdang. Went to the Labour Room. I was really in pain... The staffnurse did things very slowly... Then, she asked me to lie down on the bed. She checked and told me that my os was open 3cm, stretchable to 4cm and very well effaced. My contraction pain was very strong! She asked whether I drank air selusuh?? Air zam-zam je adalah... :) My baby was doing fine after she checked the CTG (baby's heart rate). Then, the doctor checked and broke my waterbag and Alhamdulillah, it was clear liquor, meaning my baby's fine... Then, the os was already 5cm. I asked for epidural, but the doctor said that there's no epidural available.. So, I asked for painkiller and she said they will give in the labor room.

At 0415am, they pushed me to the labour room. The room was so big and I was the only patient. The doctor and the staffnurses prepared me on the bed, and told me to ring the bell by the bedside if I need anything. Then, I felt like "nak berak", the head's coming out or something like that... So, I rang the bell but nobody came. So I shouted!!! hehehe. A screamer I was when I was a kid and back at school... The doctor came and checked me, and my os was already 7cm. I asked her to give me painkiller, but she just gave me Entonox. No point giving painkiller at that stage also...and I hated the Entonox!!! I asked her to call my husband... So, my husband came at last and I told him it was 7cm... He was calm and asked to lie down left side and to push yet! After 2 contraction pain, the doctor who was still there checked me again and told me, that I can push whenever I felt pain... She did an episiotomy which was awfully painful!!! I pushed the baby with just 2 pushes and Baby Caliph was out in the world at 0455am on 16th June 2007... Allahuakbar!!!

At 0730am, I was pushed to the ward... Alhamdulillah.. :) Gave Baby Caliph to sip air zam-zam and then had to struggle to breastfeed him... :)

At 630pm, I was discharged home and went to Abangalong's house because they did a small kenduri for the twin's 1 year old birthday. hehe. The twins had their cousin as a birthday gift from me and my husband... And my Abangalong reminded me that he got me as his 1 year old birthday gift! hehe

Abangalong: 25th February 1979
Mine: 25th February 1980
Afdhal n Arshad : 16th June 2006
Huzaifah: 16th June 2007

It was just a coincidence... ;) Allah yang susun semuanya... Alhamdulillah... Semuanya selamat...

Okes... Panjang lebar cerita kami... hehe. Punya la dah lama tak menulis blog!!! hehe. Final words from me...

Bila tengok Huzaifah..
Kadang2, teringat masa mengandungkan dia.. 2 kali masuk wad sebab premature contractions.
Kadang2, teringat masa melahirkan dia... Huzaifah lahir masa semua orang dah ada...
Kadang2, sedih kalau teringat nak start keje, tinggalkan huzaifah kat rumah..
Kadang2, rasa seronok sangat bila tengok telatah dia..
Kadang2, rasa seronok sangat bila rasa dah jadi Ummi dan ada anak sorang... :)
Syukur sangat ya Allah atas pemberianMu ini... :)

Sekian, terima kasih setia membaca blog missapple, drnehar, Ummi El.. hehe