Monday, January 07, 2008



It had been quite some time since we story mory about Huzaifah... Let's talk about my little hero today... ;)

Weight: >7kg
Height: Never measured
Hair: Full oh hairs and he has 1 piece of white hair... hehe
Skin: Fair
Gum: No teeth yet, only teething

Stepping and shuffling on the walker
Tak suka Turn over (meniarap)
Loves to sit and play ON Ummi when Ummi's around

Nasi + sayur hijau/carrot/potatoes + daging/ayam + air. Boiled them together and blend. (no added salt)
Breastfeeding milk (Still not started on bottle feeding. Not expressed breastmilk. Alhamdulillah, still have breastmilk.. :) )

Here are some pics of Huzaifah...

Main dengan ayah

Huzaifah steady on Kakak Afaf's walker

Eating nasi bubur

At rumah Tok Ayah n Nenek Cheras

That's all from Huzaifah... ;)



I have a story telling to tell today....
Well, does anybody know about AMBULANCE CALL/CALL CENTER???
999 rings a bell???
Oklah, if you dial up 999 on your phone, automatically it will get through the Call Center and straight away, the center will call the nearest hospital to send an ambulance to any of the emergency place to take the individuals back to the hospital.


Ada la sorang makcik ni, 38/Malay/Lady known case of Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension, initially came to the hospital during the day complaining of vomiting non stop. She came to the Emergency for treatment. One of the Medical Assistant (MA) examined her and did few investigations. Since everything was normal, she was then discharged home.

Later that night, the Emergency Dept received a call for AMBULANCE CALL from the same lady saying she couldn't get up because of severe vomiting. It sounded very bad. So, the ambulance went to her house to pick her up, putting in the stretcher in the ambulance and brought all the needful stuffs. When the MA's arrived at her house, the lady was walking to her Pajero while her husband was waiting inside it. However, since the ambulance has arrived, the lady walked down from her Pajero and went inside the ambulance.

When she arrived at the Emergency Dept, she was walking peacefully to the bed inside the Yellow Zone. My husband was oncall on that day...

He was very furious with that lady... However, he's not as furious as you can imagine. hehe. He explained to that lady that, "Kak tak boleh buat macam ni lainkali. Sakit sikit-sikit, panggil ambulan. Kalau pada masa yang sama, ada orang accident, pecah kepala, patah tulang, pecah perut, berdarah-darah, takde ambulan nak pergi ambil sebab pergi ambil kak. Tak patut la kan? Ambulan kita banyak, tapi driver yang kerja tak ramai. Ada la 2-3 orang aje."(panjang lagi sebenarnya my husband duk bebel... hehe)

That lady apologised many times and said that she wanted to get admitted to the ward.

My husband said, "Nak masuk wad, saya boleh masukkan dalam wad, tapi lainkali jangan duk buat kerja macam ni lagi."


Ex-Health Minister... So many comments to write!!! :p

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

1 JANUARY 2008

(again I'm blogging!)

Si Kenit Teme'ot baru saja melelapkan mata, jadi amik peluang untuk meng"update"kan blog ni.. :)

Ntah la, tetiba teringin nak bercerita kat dalam blog ni about my 1st January 2008 in female ward at Hospital Machang...

Hari ni, bermula la sistem "finger flat" di Hospital Machang. Kalau dulu, malas nak punch kad masuk kerja, sekarang, ada sistem yang menggunakan cap ibu jari untuk menentukan masa masuk dan keluar kerja... Jadi, hari ni saya ajak suami saya pergi kerja awal. Selepas mandikan dan susukan Huzaifah, kami berdua ke tempat kerja masing2. Saya ke Female Ward dan suami ke Male Ward.

Tepat pukul 8 pagi, saya dah masuk ke wad. Tengok satu patient di acute bed, macam tak stabil je. Hmm, macam susah aje nak translate ke bahasa Melayu and layman's language... So, whomever reading my blog... buat2 faham ajelah... hehe.

78/Malay/Lady, known case on diabetic, was admitted by doctor oncall last night at 10pm and shw was treated as Unstable Angina, started on IV Heparin. While reading the file, it stated that there was ECG changes, ST elevation at lead II, III, avF, however on serial ECG, there's no more ECG changes. When I saw the ECGs, I could see all the ECGs had the changes. On admission, her blood pressure was low. I asked to repeat BP, her BP was 76/52mmHg, which was low. spO2 maintain 100% on HFM 5L/min.

I asked the staffnurses to some staff and I referred the case to Hospital Kota Bharu after discussed with my husband. Patient had Acute Myocardial Infarction since yesterday, started at 7pm. On monitoring her BP every 10 mins, her BP picked up to 96/60, but then became low again... Very unstable case!!! By 9am, we managed to settle everything, and patient was transferred to Kota Bharu. My husband started her on Dobutamine and accompanied the patient. Patient reached Kota Bharu, but my husband taught her to "mengucap banyak2".

Since morning until now, I still have butterfly in my stomach... Usually such cases will be managed at casualty, but it's so happened that the case was in the ward...

Kak Wan, Maya!!! Selalu ke jumpa kes2 macam tu??? ;(

After referred that case, saw another patient having acute renal failure with fluid overload and metabolic acidosis. Alhamdulillah hari ni, doctor oncall kat Kota Bharu, a nice doctor...

I finished round my ward by 1230 noon. Alhamdulillah, Huzaifah didn't make much noise, since he's already eating rice porridge with veges and beef/chicken. But when I came home, he was crying for milk... :)

Oklah... That's all for today... Huzaifah woke up! Got to go...

Assalamualaikum (dah lama tak tulis blog, macam kekok plak. hehe)



It's been a while since I updated this blog... Actually a lot to tell and share, however my little hero is sitting on my lap. He doesn't like to be away from his mum lately whenever he sees his mum around at home.. :) That's just kid's instinct, I guess???

Oklah... Here's some pictures to be shared... It was one of the banjir days at Kota Bharu. I was amused to see the river level and the water in the city.... Luckily, it was a huge banjir... Rumah Pasir Pekan naik air sampai 1 aras tangga di dapur... Alhamdulillah... Now, it's started to rain again after the sunny days... Hopefully there'll be no more banjir....

Sungai Kelantan

Sungai Kelantan seolah-olah macam laut....

Kg Pasir Pekan had to use sampan to travel...

Ajin n Huzaifah get to see banjir LiVE

Jambatan selamat tak dinaiki air...

Air di bandar...