Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The long waiting dream has finally comes true. Thank You Allah for giving this oppurtunity. May I become humble and a pious servant after this and the days to come, InsyaAllah. Amiiiiiin. 

May Allah grant the wishes of my friends who are in the same boat too, soon. 

O Allah, please keep us safe and healthy under Your Care.  Amiiiiin. 


Alhamdulillah, my husband and I was super spring cleaning together. 

What Abang Did?
✔️ Cut the grass
✔️ Cut the pokok pandan 
✔️ Cut the pinang leaves
✔️ Washed the smelly green rubbish bin
✔️ Cleaned the front house
✔️ Washed the Alza

What I did? 
✔️ Helped Abang for 10 minutes
✔️ Ironed the curtains and cushion covers
✔️ Changed the curtains and cushion covers
✔️ Rearranged the SisApple Cottage stuff
✔️ Wash the clothes and hung them
✔️ Cooked simple dishes for lunches

Since I did more chores, my Abang did something special for me. 

He bought me Laici Kang! Sedap!! ;) 
Thanks for a lovely weekend, Abang. 
Syukur Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for the strength and will to clean up the house. 

Here are some of the pics to summarize the sweet and tired and fruitful weekend. Haha. Back to work tomorrow!! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015


It had been a while since I wrote in this blog. But, to my surprise, I've been writing A LOT and post it on my Facebook wall. Not sure what makes me do that. Is it just for getting the LIKES? Kuang kuang kuang. Kantoi! 

Anyways, I wrote about my Kamikaze, the unfortunate cat at the back of our house which had been diagnosed as having Spirotrochosis. A deadly fungus which can affect human. The treatment will need 6 months of oral medication just like antiTB treatment. The cat is still at the cat shop. We decided to ward him and let the veterinarian takes care of him. The vet suggested to euthanise it, but my husband said to give it a chance to live first. I also don't mind because I'm also getting to like the cat. Habib had been asking about the cat! Hopefully the cat will get well soon.

This morning I wrote something related with the RED DAY yesterday. It sadden my Chinese friend who felt that she is being threatened by people calling her as "pendatang". I was not prepared to answer her questions about the RED DAY, about what will happen to the Chinese and Malay, what will become of Malaysia and what is happening in Malaysia. I quoted Tunku Abdul Rahman and the ayat from Surah Al Hujurat:13. SAY NO TO RACISM. We are not USA like years ago when they discriminate blacks and whites. We are 1 Malaysia, I guess now we should use the 1 Malaysia slogan and stop making fools of ownselves, you know who. 

I want to write another story of mine, which happened today. That is I was invited by FMS to become a facilitator during a breastfeeding course. I was really scared because I thought I might not be able to answer the questions. But Alhamdulillah to my surprise the discussion and sharing session was very fruitful for me. Shared about my 3rd ectopic baby. Ok. That made me sad a bit. Now I know why I'm feeling like writing and feeling sad in the heart, and hard on the chest. The mothers were shocked and awed when I told them, "I saw a heartbeat". Yes, that's how I felt. Shocked. Awed. Sad. Cry. Been waiting for it for a long time.... But Alhamdulillah, I got to accept the fact.. That our miracle baby who lived in my left Fallopian tube, was taken back by Allah before I get to nurture him for 9 months and let him grow with love in our family. Alhamdulillah, since the loss, there were many good things that happened in our lives. So, I am grateful to Allah for all His Kindness, His Love and His Blessings in our lives. 

Done writing. Will continue updating from time to time insyaAllah. 

Berjaya upload gambar! Yeay! :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Alhamdulillah, I am back to write in this blog! 
Not sure exactly how I am treating this blog. But, I guess, whenever I want to write, I have a place where I can go to. 

September marks the end of my 1st year PhD and entering my 2nd year of PhD. 
WOW! Seriously? It had been a year?
Why am I feeling that for the past 1 year, like nothing really happened. 
Except for the negative results that I've gained. huhuhu
I tried not to be so sad with the amount of work I've done and the final result was negative. 
It was mainly because, I didn't want my supervisor to panic.
But deep inside me, I am feeling anxious and stressed with the progress that I've made.

Anyway, I went to Setia Alam last week for my 2nd conference. Presented a poster but I didn't win. haha. But, I love all the lectures given. The speakers were good in their fields and they have made me "feeling" motivated to continue striving as my 2nd year of PhD approaching. 

I was really inspired by Prof Datin Dr Zahurin from UM and Prof Dr. Zalina from USM. Both of them have students and they really helped students and not condemning students from the way I saw it. My supervisor is also that kind of person and I am thankful and so grateful to Allah SWT for that opportunity given. I hope not to waste that given chance and may I graduate on time to say my thanks back to my supervisor who really guided and taught me to succeed in my study. InsyaAllah. 

Last but not least, I am motivated to continue this journey when my good friend, Shida who has just joined to ride the same boat as mine. Finally, I have a friend other than my husband, who I can go to and let things out when I am stress, and we can eventually motivate each other, bang each other's head whenever we are cuckoo and keep up the momentum to finish the thesis writing at the end of this journey, insyaAllah. For having her by my side, I am so grateful to Allah. I hope we can successfully finish our PhD journeys on time. Amiiiiiiinnnn. 

Let's inspire and motivate each other, ok  Shida! 
(and through LINE please...... I just love Cony and Brown. hehe)