Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Alhamdulillah, last week I had given a chance to attend a 1 week course on Research Methodology. It was a holiday for me, I would say but at the same timne churning new informations gathered from the 5 days lectures from 8am till 5pm. Syukrillah...

Anyone doing research right now might benefit the content of the course that I would share some of it insyaAllah...

1st lecture was from Prof Dr Aahad.
It was a long lecture but some of the keypoints that striked me...
"Research is a journey. Research is a process."
"Re-search means search again, and again, and again. "
"Seek new knowledge, Create new knowledge, Develop new knowledge, and Contribute new knowledge for the benefit of mankind."
"Thorough thinking and planning will make a good Research Proposal."
"You cannot rest or take a break until you have produce enough research output."

That's all for now. Will continue the lecture session later insyaAllah. :)

Monday, November 01, 2010


Syukrillah Ya Allah!

Thank you Allah for this great feeling of finished presenting research proposal at Faculty level today! You have given the easiness during my presentation and I thank You so much!!!

Thank you to my dear husband for the non-stop support and motivations!

Thank you to my SUPERB SUPERVISORS who really made the effort to suggest and revise my proposal presentation slides! May Allah grant you health and happiness throughout your life...

Thank you to all the comments, suggestions from all the lecturers!

Thank you for the supports from my dearest friends!

The works are not yet finished..
Hope and doa for the best, InsyaAllah
May Allah ease eveything!

All the best to my husband for his proposal presentation!!! :)

Friday, October 29, 2010



Feeling very tension and scared for the next level of proposal presentation, Kuliyyah level THIS MONDAY! For the past 3 weeks, I had been having meetings every friday and had to prepare slides for the presentation each time...
Subhanallah... What an experience...

But I remembered suddenly, Prof Dr Muhaya, UKM gave a radio talk in
She told a story of one of her patient having only 1 eye sight since he lost his another eye, unsalvagable..
He kept on asking Prof about his lost eye sight
But Prof said to him,
"You should be thankful, syukur for having the other eye to see. Don't be sad of the eye that you have lost, but be thankful of having another eye to see and watch."

I should be thankful, syukur for all His nikmat...

If I am still in my old shoe, I can't even change the shoe even when it's already torn
Alhamdulillah... I could change to a new shoe eventhough it's tight, suffocating, slippery & cheap
It's a new shoe and not my old shoe...
(talking about shoe.. haha)

Friday, October 22, 2010



Alhamdulillah I presented my research proposal in front of departmental staffs today morning! I spoke too fast and my sequence was hay wired.. What should come 1st was last and what's supposed to be the last was brought in front...

How I wish all my 3 supervisors are there, but Alhamdulillah... with only 1 supervisor who came during her leaves, really gave me good moral support. I am happy that she could make it...

From there, I have to do a lot more reading and structure back my slides so that people can understand my study, my workloads and my research.

Sad but in a good way.. Very happy with the fact that it was a hot discussion and a lot of work to be done and enough for my master...
May Allah help me pass through till the end...

Now, good luck to my husband to present!

Saturday, October 16, 2010



Today I had a meeting with my 2 supervisors. My other supervisor couldn't make it...
As usual, my IBS made a peek-a-boo. Luckily it didn't took so long in the toilet.
MY 2 SUPERB SUPERVISORS made lots of comments and suggestions regarding my proposal presentation scheduled next friday... Another IBS will definitely come next week..hehe

They made me read and prepared a lot, eventhough still not enough, but today, I am so happy with this remark,
"You just do ....................., and with this, it'll be enough for your master."
Allah knows how happy I was when he said it and another supervisor agreed... :)
May this motivates me to do my best and be the best in my field... Ameen Ya Rabb

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Entering datas in SPSS...
Variables need to be in correct orders...
Met a scary lecturer...
One of the supervisors turned down my request...
Read a story of friend's baby just passed away...
Saw a friend just delivered her 1st baby...
Daily routine visit to
Oh my mix feelings of everything...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"Allah SWT turun ke langit dunia, ketika sepertiga malam masih tersisa. Allah menyeru,
Adakah di antara hambaKu yang berdoa kepadaKu, supaya Aku mengabulkan permintaanya? Adakah di antara hambaKu yang meminta ampun kepadaKu, supaya Aku mengampuninya? Adakah di antara hambaKu yang meminta kepadaKu supaya Aku memenuhinya?"
(Bukhari dan Muslim)

From Travelog Dakwah: Meniti Hari Esok by Prof Muhd Kamil Ibrahim.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It had been quite a while since I updated my blog. Bibik was away for 1 month and Alhamdulillah, she's back! So no more excuses for me to follow my Gantt Chart! hehe

I didn't have any mood to study until recently when Bibik came back. My study drive was very slow since spending time with the 2 kids at home was very enjoyable and time consuming! Anyways, I gave myself a long break with on and off going to the lab to continue the respected experiment as scheduled before. But insyaAllah, I'm back on to drive on gear 2 now...

Quoting Prof Tahir..."Failing to plan is planning to fail." His lecture was on 7 Creative Habits and they are
1. Writing and journaling
2. Work on fresh inputs
3. Record
4. Learn new techniques
5. Learn how to relax
6. Association thinking
7. Adopting a genius...

Hmm... Creative Habits Number 1 and 3 were also discussed in the article that I came across yesterday by Marie desJardins on How to succeed in Graduate School.

Sharing with all of you, as a summary...
and for my daily grind....and PLANNING NOT TO FAIL!!!

1. Have a journal/diary (pink color booklet!! haha)
2. Keep track of research activities and ideas (already filled in 14 pages!!! oooo)
  • write speculations
  • interesting problems
  • possible solutions
  • random ideas
  • references to look up, (fulltext needed)
  • notes on papers you have reas
  • outline of papers to write
  • interesting quotes
  • (articles to be printed)
  • (daily, weekly and monthly goals)
3. Read the journal periodically
4. Organize activities
5. Daily Goals! Weekly Goals! Monthly Goals! (daily and weekly goals set up, but monthly...)
6. Divide and conquer strategy (i finished reading and going through a lot of things today!!!)
  • "Take it one day at a time"
  • "Every task you complete gets you closer to finishing"
Alhamdulillah... Plans all set up...
Guess I'm geared up to enter gear 3 insyaAllah... ;)

That's all for now!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Jika isteri menangis dihadapanmu….
“hargai lah ia sblm terlewat…”
Jika seorang isteri menangis dihadapanmu,
itu bererti dia tidak dapat menahannya lagi…
Jika kau memegang tangannya saat dia menangis, dia akan tinggal bersamamu sepanjang hidupmu..
Jika kau membiarkannya pergi, dia tidak akan kembali menjadi dirinya yang dulu, selamanya!
Seorang isteri tidak akan menangis dengan mudah, kacuali didepan orang yang sangat dia sayangi, dia akan menjadi lemah!

Seorang isteri tidak akan menangis dengan mudah, hanya jika dia sangat menyayangimu.
Dia akan menurunkan rasa EGOnya.
Wahai suami2, jika seorang istri pernah menangis karenamu, tolong pegang tangannya dengan penuh pengertian.
Kerana dia adalah orang yang akan tetap bersamamu sepanjang hidupmu disaat kau terpuruk terlalu dalam …
Wahai suami2, jika seorang isteri menangis keranamu, tolong jangan menyia-nyiakannya. Mungkin, kerana keputusanmu, kau merosakkan kehidupannya.
Saat dia menangis didepanmu, saat dia menangis keranamu. Lihatlah jauh kedalam matanya. Dapatkah kau lihat dan kau rasakan SAKIT yang dirasakannya keranamu ?
Apakah keistimewaan perempuan ini ? ”
Dibalik KELEMBUTANYA dia memiliki kekuatan yang begitu dahsyat..
TUTUR katanya merupakan KEBENARAN..
SENYUMAN’nya adalah SEMANGAT bagi orang yang dicintainya. .
PELUKAN & CIUMAN’nya bisa memberi KEHANGATAN bagi anak2nya..
Dia TERSENYUM bila melihat temannya tertawa..
Dia TERHARU Dia MENANGIS bila melihat KESENGSARAAN pd org2 yg dikasihinya. ..
Dia mampu TERSENYUM dibalik KESEDIHAN’nya. .
Dia sangat GEMBIRA melihat KELAHIRAN..
Dia begitu sedih melihat KEMATIAN..
TITISAN air matanya bisa membawa PERDAMAIAN.
Tapi dia sering dilupakan oleh SUAMI krn 1 hal…
Bahawa “Betapa BERHARGAnya dia”…
Sebarkan ini ke SELURUH ISTERI2 yg soleha dan SUAMI2 yang kamu kenal agar mereka tidak lupa bahwa ISTERI mrk begitu berHARGA… Dan sangat berHARGA.

by Norlia Ismail


Ketika Allah Memilihmu Untukku..

Padamu yang Allah pilihkan dalam hidupku..
Ingin ku beri tahu padamu..
Aku hidup dan besar dari keluarga bahagia..
Orang tua yg begitu sempurna..
Dengan cinta yg begitu membuncah..
Aku dibesarkan dgn limpahan kasih yang tak terhingga..
Maka, padamu ku katakan..
Saat Allah memilihmu dalam hidupku,
Maka saat itu Dia berharap, kau pun sanggup melimpahkan cinta padaku..
Memperlakukanku dgn sayang yang begitu indah..

Padamu yang Allah pilihkan untukku..
Ketahuilah, aku hanya wanita biasa dengan begitu banyak kekurangan dalam diriku,
Aku bukanlah wanita sempurna, seperti yang mungkin kau harapkan..
Maka, ketika Dia memilihmu untukku,
Maka saat itu, Dia ingin menyempurnakan kekuranganku dgn keberadaanmu.
Dan aku tahu, Kaupun bukanlah laki-laki yang sempurna..
Dan ku berharap ketidaksempurnaanku mampu menyempurnakan dirimu..
Karena kelak kita akan satu..
Aibmu adalah aibku, dan indahmu adalah indahku,
Kau dan aku akan menjadi 'kita'..

Padamu yg Allah pilihkan untukku..
Ketahuilah, sejak kecil Allah telah menempa diriku dgn ilmu dan tarbiyah,
Membentukku menjadi wanita yg mencintai Rabbnya..
Maka ketika Dia memilihmu untukku,
Maka saat itu, Allah mengetahui bahwa kaupun telah menempa dirimu dgn ilmuNya.. Maka gandeng tanganku dalam mengibarkan panji-panji dakwah dalam hidup kita..
Itulah visi pernikahan kita..
Ibadah pada-Nya ta'ala..

Padamu yg Allah tetapkan sebagai nahkodaku..
Ingatlah.. Aku adalah mahlukNya dari tulang rusuk yang paling bengkok..
Ada kalanya aku akan begitu membuatmu marah..
Maka, ketahuilah.. Saat itu Dia menghendaki kau menasihatiku dengan hikmah,
Sungguh hatiku tetaplah wanita yg lemah pada kelembutan..
Namun jangan kau coba meluruskanku, karena aku akan patah..
Tapi jangan pula membiarkanku begitu saja, karena akan selamanya aku salah..
Namun tatap mataku, tersenyumlah..
Tenangkan aku dgn genggaman tanganmu..
Dan nasihati aku dgn bijak dan hikmah..
Niscaya, kau akan menemukanku tersungkur menangis di pangkuanmu..
Maka ketika itu, kau kembali memiliki hatiku..

Padamu yang Allah tetapkan sebagai atap hunianku..
Ketahuilah, ketika ijab atas namaku telah kau lontarkan..
Maka dimataku kau adalah yang terindah,
Kata2mu adalah titah untukku,
Selama tak bermaksiat pada Allah, akan ku penuhi semua perintahmu..
Maka kalau kau berkenan ku meminta..
Jadilah hunian yg indah, yang kokoh…
Yang mampu membuatku dan anak-anak kita nyaman dan aman di dalamnya..

Padamu yang Allah pilih menjadi penopang hidupku…
Dalam istana kecil kita akan hadir buah hati-buah hati kita..
Maka didiklah mereka menjadi generasi yg dirindukan syurga..
Yang di pundaknya akan diisi dgn amanah-amanah dakwah,
Yang ruh dan jiwanya selalu merindukan jihad..
Yang darahnya mengalir darah syuhada..
Dan ku yakin dari tanganmu yg penuh berkah, kau mampu membentuk mereka..
Dengan hatimu yg penuh cinta, kau mampu merengkuh hati mereka..
Dan aku akan selalu jatuh cinta padamu..

Padamu yang Allah pilih sebagai imamku…
Ku memohon padamu.. Ridholah padaku,
Sungguh Ridhomu adalah Ridho Ilahi Rabbi..
Mudahkanlah jalanku ke Surga-Nya..
Karena bagiku kau adalah kunci Surgaku..


( Oleh Aztriana 180610/ 01'50 Makassar.. ^_^v )

Dari Ummu Salamah, ia berkata, "Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda : "Seorang perempuan jika meninggal dan suaminya meridhoinya, maka ia akan masuk surga." (HR. Ahmad dan Thabrani)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Make doa...
Lots and lots of doa..
May our sins, our parents sins, our parents' in law forgiven
May our siblings' sins, our in laws' forgiven
May our granparents' sins, our aunts' and uncles' forgiven
May our friends' sins, our teachers' forgiven
May our Muslims' sins, be forgiven.

Ameen ya Rabb..

Monday, August 09, 2010



Ramadhan comes back!
I will try my best to do everything that i could to get many and many good deeds in the month of Ramadhan insyaAllah. There are so much Barakah in this month of fasting. Not only we should be fasting from food and drinks, but also from to do fasting with our heart/feelings/eyes/mouth/hands/feet... hmmm...
InsyaAllah, will try to avoid from making sins... but it's not so easy!!! :(
Tried to practise doing the proper things during the month of Syaa'ban but I failed!!!
But, insyaAllah, may Allah help and guide us all to do our best Ibadah!!!

My preliminary study, the labwork is fine.
Technically, running the samples in the lab is very easy...
But, the analysis of the datas that I have obtained is not very easy! :)
Not sure how...
But I'll be starting my biostatistics class tomorrow...
May I grab the infos and input quickly so that I can start analysing my datas... InsyaAllah...

In conclusion, I have to study a lot of things...
Like my brother said, you have to thousands of journals... he's right about that! :)
Not only articles in the journals, but books!!!
Cell Culture... ARRRGHHHHHH

But, seeing my 3 year old son today, reading Iqra'... SUBHANALLAH! :)

Initially, he was fed up reading the 3rd page of Iqra' because of the ba/ta and tha look alike..
But, as he wanted to play online games, I made a deal with him...
I promised him that only after finished reading the 3rd page, I will let him play the game...

MasyaAllah... he managed to finish the page... with some error here and there but I made him to repeat before he can move to the next huruf! :) Alhamdulillah...

If my son... my little son can do it, his mother can do better right???
From not knowing how to read, how to recognise the huruf, how to pronounce it... and the most important thing TO HAVE TO MEMORISE THEM... ALHAMDULILLAH... HE MADE IT!!!!
3 claps for you my son, Huzaifah!

And... as for Habib today he took my book and began to turn the pages...
Suddenly he was humming... and mumbling and made the sound like the Tilawah Quran on the TV1 last week...
It was funny but I was proud to see that Habib was really making an effort to sound like the Sheikh in the TV1!!! MasyaAllah... hehe
3 claps for you dear, Habib!

(He got his 18th month jab today...)

"Ummi... Kalau Jayfah boleh, Ummi lagi boleh!" Huzaifah might say to me, yeah?
"huh huh... uh uh... beh.." Habib would reply his brother.. hehe
InsyaAllah... Ummi can do it!

Monday, August 02, 2010


Forgot how Quran verses sooth our hearts and souls..
Listening to the verses, which some of them I already memorised touch my heart today
Like my husband's telling me..
Start memorising 1 ayat per day..
Correct the tajweed
Correct the makhraj
Understand the meaning..
Think the meaning..
By the time we get our master and phD, we'll get our certificate of Hafeez... ;)

Not impossible, right??
Correcting my tajweed! Problems!!!
Need to brush up my tajweed...

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Thought that I can't proceed doing what I am doing with my research samples...
But Alhamdulillah, it turned out that I can still do and proceed with the experiment...
Hopefully I don't cause more damage to the machine! :)

Missed one day of mixing the samples today..
But, will have to do it all next week... InsyaAllah!
So, I wll have this weekend off!!! :)

The kids will start going to the nursery next week...
Wednesday sport's day
Otherwise bring the usual... no need to bring the toys and the food..
Will see what happen to the 2 heroes...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It had been a while since I write in this blog...
Didn't have the mood since the template was removed...

Anyways, I browsed through the blogger design and found that I can do this myself..
Well, better than nothing..

Alhamdulillah, Huzaifah was discharged well the other day...
My friend was asking since she said I didn't update my blog..
He had herniotomy done..
Orchidopexy done...
and Circumsicion done!
So 3 operated sites for the 3 year old birthday boy!!!
Now, the scar is still there...
and his circumcised penis... hehe
He loves his brother very much...
"habib... tu bukan kakak... tu abang... HUUUJAYYYY FAH!"
Always reminding his brother that his name is "Abang" or HuuJaayFah!"

Habib is getting bigger and smarter..
Had been following whatever his brother had been doing...
From eating food, talking, playing and crying out loud...
Calls his brother "Abaaa"
Still the "Habib Gemuk"

As for me and my husband...
I'm starting my research already, handling machines now...
Sometimes, when it broke down, I would also feel that I was brokenheart...
That's life...
When we were working in the hospital...
The life of people we will deal with...
But now, it's just technicality and machines... ;)

May Allah show us the way for our research... as Baiti would say...
A student, seeking for knowledge to Treasure Him...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


If I am you baby, please touch me
I need your touch in ways you may never know
Don't just wash and change and feed me
But rock me close, kiss my face and stroke my body
Your soothing, gentle touch says security and loves.

If I am your child, please touch me
Though I may resist, even push you away
Persist, find ways to meet my needs
Your goodnight hug helps sweeten my dreams
Your daytime touch tells me how you really feel.

If I am your teenager please touch me
Don't think because I'm almost grown
I don't need to know that you still care.
I need your loving arms, I need your tender voice,
When the road gets rocky, the child in me still needs.

If I am your grown up child please touch me
Though I may have a family of my own to hold,
I still need mummy's and daddy's arms when I hurt
As a parent the view is different
I appreciate you more.

Sunday, June 20, 2010



Attached the email that I've sent to my family members...

Happy Fathers' Day to all...

Cerita Huzaifah SAKIT PEWUUUT!


Balik KB sebab ada majlis esoknya.
Singgah rumah Tok khamis tu solat zuhur dengan lunch.

Majlis berlangsung dengan jayanya.
Huzaifah pun semangat makan hari tu... Makan kek. Makan gulai daging malam tu.
"Nak makan ayam" Dia cakap...

Pagi2, sakit perut. Letak minyak. Bagi minum susu. Minum sikit je.
Tido semula.
Muntah tiba2.
Mandikan dia. Perasan benjol kat celah peha kanan dia... (hernia)
Habiskan mandi and bawak hospital.

Dalam kereta, tengok tinggi skali, tractor dengan lori...
Happy, duk tengok tingkap sebelah kanan kiri kereta.
Bila check balik, tengok hernia dah surut.
Pergi kecemasan.
Huzaifah memang tak sakit perut. Takde muntah.
Suka pergi hospital nampak gaya... hehe
Doktor bagi balik, suruh datang temujanji pakar di Kuantan

Tanya nak makan apa, dia nak makan pau.
Tiba2 cakap sakit perut.
Hernia tak muncul2 dah lepas tu..
Nak susu pulak. Bagi susu. Tak lama, muntah...
Mandikan dan tido.
Bangun tido, nak air.
Bagi minum air.
Nak susu, bagi minum susu plak.
Habib berak, basuh berak dia dulu. Huzaifah mengerang sakit perut.
Tiba2 muntah lagi sekali.
Bawak hospital.
Mata dah cengkung sikit. (mildly dehydrated)
Tak makan/minum langsung sejak malam semalam.

Doktor buat X Ray... Normal. Takde dilated bowel (usus bengkak)
Hernia pun takde.
Tak berak lagi. Takde muntah. Takde sakit perut.
Doktor MO Surgical tengok, suruh masuk wad sebab dah 2 kali datang hospital.

Duduk katil kat luar, tapi lepas tu dapat bilik sorang. Siap ada TV dengan toilet!!! :)
Ayah jaga Huzaifah. (happy father's day.. father's day gift kena jaga huzaifah dlm wad...)
Ummi bawak balik Habib, sbb habib mnyusu. susah nk tinggal... bibik pun takde...
Setiap kali jumpa Ummi bila Ummi nak balik, Huzaifah akan nangis... (syahdunya hati Ummi...)

Pakar tengok cakap hernia akan jadi balik, recurrence.
Yang risau, takut dengan complications... strangulated/obstruction/torsion of testes...
Setuju sebab takut muntah2 dalam kereta balik Kuantan, lagi panic...
Semalam pun dah panic (nangis... sedih wooo..mula2, tahan macho. tak leh tahan bila tengok huzaifah nangis kesakitan)
Herniotomy untuk tutup hernia dia.
Orchidopexy untuk turunkan batu testes dia, duk kat atas, bukan kat dalam scrotum. So kena tarik testes masuk dalam scrotum.
Circumcision, alang2 dah bagi bius, terus sunat sekali...
So huzaifah, cucu Tok Ayah yang paling awal bersunat!!! hehehe... Tok Ayah nak bagi hadiah apa??? hehehe

Hari ni Huzaifah cakap dengan Nenek dengan Muksu Ajin.
Huzaifah happy, tak nangis2 dah hari ni...
Tapi, Ummi yang nak nangis pulak hari ni.. (macam Huzaifah nangis bila Ummi tinggalkan Huzaifah)
Doakan ye semua berjalan dengan baik dan lancar dan huzaifah cepat sembuh...

k... salam dr kb

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Huzaifah's craziness towards BOB THE BUILDER!!!
Ummi did the birthday decorations in one night and spent only RM50!!!
If I buy the Secret Recipe Cake, it would cost me RM50 without all the decorations.. hehe
Ummi's first time celebrating Huzaifah's Birthday today! Happy Birthday Anakku Sayang!!!

What happened today?
Habib "yakkkk" at 6:30am, a birthday gift for Abang Huzaifah ke Habib?
Huzaifah finally "Ummi boleh dah kencing" in the toilet... After 3 years Huzaifah?? So you can stop wearing the pampers now... "Ala.. Tak nakla Ummi.." :)

Friday, June 04, 2010



Takde mood...
Bad mood...
1 machine brokedown...
2 machines brokedown...

Didn't do any productive and informative on research this whole week...
Tried to do some in the lab...
1st day, tried a little.. and got result.
2nd day, adjusted a little more... and got result.
3rd day, finally wanted to do the whole final experiment... insted of getting any results... 2 machines brokedown

Browsing through the net and found few inspiring blogs...
Naim, Faizal, Mizzwanda, Fajar, Saljusakinah...
Buku Penenang Jiwa: Pengubatan dan Rawatan, Terjemahan Mukasyafah Al Qulub dari Maya. :)
" Moga menjadi penenang jiwa buat hati yang sedang mencari sinar cintaNya."





Uploading pictures from our trip to my cousin sister's wedding in Perlis... :)

Gombak - Raeez's house

KL-Perlis (Nenek's Perdana)

Perlis - The Wedding Day

Changlung - Cendol Pulut

Penang Bridge